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I'm not dead. · 2:20pm Apr 2nd, 2016

At least not that I'm aware of; it wouldn't make much sense given I'm no ghost writer. Not a particularly good one anyways.

So, yes, my pulse is there. Definitely not dead then. At least that's not what's on this toe tag.


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Thanks for the fave.


I must confess, I sometimes considered writing a second part to Monsters, but realized it would make no one happy, and wouldn't help me work out emotional baggage like that story did.

In fact, a lack of baggage to work out was one of the issues with Krastos. That story languished in pre-development Tartartus for five years before I managed to wrangle something from the concept, and by then I was just glad to get the thing finished. I maintain it's still scary, but not as visceral as it would have been if I had written it a few years prior. I was pulling punches, and I know it.

Now I'm trying to get back into writing following my fourth (fifth?) long hiatus. (Perhaps you're waiting to make a comeback, as I am.) But having tapped out my baggage, and proven that Human and Horror stories can be good, what is there left for Horse Voice to do? That's the conundrum.

Yup. Not many care enough to kill their darlings, you helped me get through a night of unrest sniffles and coughs. Hope to see more, really liked the Twilight one. Most others I read were so short they left me wanting more. I love the Hitchcock style of leaving that Pale Horse open-ended, but not gonna lie when I say I'm glad someone did a decent job at giving a 'one of many' possible outcome extension of that story.

Anywho, hope to have more time to ponyfic read again. I'm so far beyond late on my own group responsibilities due to life and just can't seem to fit in pony reading as much. But rest assured, all fics were 100% binged and not skimmed. Apologies for not leaving messages, felt like everyone said all that needed be said on those. Though kinda guess that Kratos the Glue Maker one felt a wee bit skim-milked and had that "Of course she'd be the first one" eye-roll from me, I still much enjoyed the theme and power of imagination that youth have, ala elm street too, but dat time skip to things already happening is understandable as we can just guess how the CMC I suppose beyond just doing that article could have setup more visual scares to make ponies believe in it, and thus giving that thing enough power to affect real world ponies~ and I'm going off tangent it seems so I'll stop here!

Heh, have a good one!

Oh hey. I just saw your binging of my work from a few days ago. Glad you like it. :twilightsmile:

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