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Mod 1 of 4 of The Diamond Cutters and general lover of reading. Genuinely enjoys and refers to Diamond Tiara as Best Filly.


I'm not dead. · 2:20pm Apr 2nd, 2016

At least not that I'm aware of; it wouldn't make much sense given I'm no ghost writer. Not a particularly good one anyways.

So, yes, my pulse is there. Definitely not dead then. At least that's not what's on this toe tag.


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Dashie... Move over. Diamond Tiara just took your Best Faces all in one episode. BOOYAH!

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Watching the watchers who watch me watch things.

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(Sad day for pony fans. Hannia San has deactivated their DA account. Wish you the best, Hannia San, stay healthy and be happy! :fluttercry:)

The Filly 5 - Diapplootiespoon Gallery

Journeycurl, stay beautiful.

Art by my favorite person of all time, PKX. I only wish I could hug them. <3

Diabeetus x 5.

Now you know.

By Beavernator. One of the than hand full of people who lovingly supported the event and offered to do far more for a failing event. Thank you.

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Last seen close to two years ago. Hope you are well.

This is an acceptable breakfast. What's for dessert?

For me, peanut butter crackers, fluffy pancakes, orange juice, and toast.

Spicy Nacho Doritos with fritos jalapeno spicy cheese dip.

Otherwise Cool Ranch if I'm not buying dip.

Spicy nacho doritos, or cool ranch?

Thanks for the fav on my story, The Ones From Beyond.

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