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Confound these wretched equines! For every one I fling away, a dozen more vex me!

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  • Those Who Dwell Under The Hills Many years ago, Canterlot fended off a Changeling invasion. Can another be stopped? by Cyanide 14,279 words · 1,172 views · 74 likes · 2 dislikes
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The Date List
Description: Apple Bloom has a list of ponies she'd like to date, but Silver Spoon has her own idea about who Apple Bloom should end up with.
Tags: Romance
Status: Writing, revising due to season 5.
Words: 6000
Note: Started this a year ago, with the plan to get it done for Valentine's Day. Then I pretty much stopped writing. But now I'm writing again, and I was hoping to get this done for Valentine's Day. Which won't happen. But regardless, up and atom!

Pride and Prejudice And Snails
Description: Love triangle between Diamond Tiara, Sweetie Belle, and Snails
Tags: Romance, Slice of Life
Chapter 1-11: Live
Chapter 12:
Status: Writing
1700 words
Note: Chapters 12-15 mostly outlined.


Orphaned Land touring the US... · 4:25pm June 9th

For those with a love of prog/symphonic metal, especially if it has a dash of Middle Eastern flavor to it, Orphaned Land is touring the US. Good metal out of Israel with a positive message to boot.


If you are curious as to what they sound like:

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2218791 Yeah, I wanted a sad profile pic to balance out all the happy ones :raritywink:

And yup, pretty sure we did run across each other. The name rings a bell, anyway.

That's a sad profile picture :( also I might have run into you at Everfree and I might not have. I was wearing Hawaiian shirts the whole time.

2199736 Howdy right back. Was lots of fun. Definitely one of my favorite parts of my time at the con, meeting all the writers :twilightsmile:

Hey there. It was nice to meet you at the writer's hangout at Everfree Northwest this year. :)

2197467 And hello back from 130 miles south of there :raritywink:

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