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Is there a reason why you haven't done a My Little Pony/The Powerpuff Girls crossover yet?

To get things started, I would like to say thank you for responding in a respectful and intelligent manner. I will be happy to answer your question to the best of my ability.

What makes me like Diamond Tiara is actually hard to say. I do enjoy her attitude, aggression, and her overall design. But honestly, Diamond Tiara is a difficult character to defend, mostly because everything that everyone hates about her, is what I love about her.

For example, when you watch the episode Ponyville Confidential, you're probably thinking, Diamond is such a bitch for blackmailing the CMC, how I hope she dies. When I look at that episode I see Diamond's great leadership skills as she tries to increase the popularity of the school paper, of which she effectively does. She's not trying to blackmail them for the sole propose of being a jerk, but rather doing whatever it takes to bring them to the top.

Even though we like her character, we actually don't approve of her actions. Hell, I love the Cutie Mark Crusaders, in fact, I'm one of the few people in this entire fandom that can honestly say, I LOVE EVERY CHARACTER! Every character that people may hate, I really enjoy, like... Trixie, Prince Blueblood, Gilda, Lightning Dust, Sunset Shimmer, Suri Polomare, and of course Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon.

Something I find very hypocritical is that while a lot of these characters receive so much hate for something as petty as an insult, the actual villains like Discord, Queen Chrysalis, and King Sombra are all praised for taking over kingdoms, attempted murder, and even slavery. Can't help but see the irony in that.

It's funny, we love when villains like Frieza, or The Joker, or Freddy Krueger murder people by the truckload, but we get pissed off when a bully calls someone a name. I'm just as much guilty of this as everyone else. Yes, bullies are something we deal with in real life, but it's still a complete double standard.

The truth is, I myself actually hated her at first. In fact, a majority of the Diamond Cutters hated her as well. I wasn't to fond of bully characters at the time, but after a little while her character really warmed up to me. There's just something about characters that are underrated, unappreciated, or just flat-out hated that I really enjoy.

The ironic truth is that if it wasn't for the hate, I probably wouldn't like her as much as I do. Which makes it even more ironic seeing how the hate groups exist because of this support group, while this support group only exist because of the hate in the first place. The Chicken or the egg.

Also, you have to understand that the writers basically forbid her from having any real character development. They want her to remain two-dimensional, so that she can be a plot device for the CMC to overcome, as cliche and boring as that is.

I hope I've answered your question, but I'd also like to point out that there are others that can give you greater and more informative responses. If you like, I would be more than happy to introduce them to you.

Ignore what you have been told to think about the Diamond Tiara fans, and believe me when I say that they are some of the nicest people you will ever meet in this fandom. They have taught me that it's better to inform others is a respectful and understanding manner, rather then hating others for disagreeing with you. Which is something I used to do.

One more thing, I would like to take a moment and talk to you about the leader of your group, ABronyFromltaly. I don't want to sound too harsh, but he's not the type of person you want to get your information from.

First off, that whole argument that Diamond Tiara fans only like her because of a head-canon is completely invalid. While there may be some that do, most fans, myself included actually want her to remain the way she is. Sure we would prefer she got more character development, but for the most part we really enjoy her this way.

I've met ABronyFromItaly and I've seen his comments. All he does is constantly troll, bash, and curse out Diamond Tiara fans, and then he calls them rabid fanboys for trying to defend themselves. Now does that seem fair?

Virtually everything he says is a lie. The Diamond Cutters were created not to hate, but rather show others that there is more to Diamond Tiara than they think. That's what Diamond Cutting means, to take a roughed up stone and polish it into a beautiful gem, as in Diamond Tiara.

Now I'm under the impression that you are probably going to post this on your group's forum, for I know you could just be trying to get some angry fanboyish comment out of me, so that ABronyFromItaly and his followers could get a cheap laugh. But if you do post this on their groups forum, don't expect a deep and complex response, because I highly doubt you'll get one.

Either way, thank you for your time. I appreciate that you want to understand what we really are about.

Dear Master, since you're the founder of the Diamond Cutters group I would like you to read this thread I started and possibly give your opinion:


I'm not trying to spam or troll, it's just that what I discuss in it is rather important to me and maybe some explanations could restore a little trust in humanity inside of me. Bye.

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