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Are you a writer, editor, or someone that does stuff that needs to be nagged into doing? Well this is the group for you! Here, we will all nag each other into writing, editing, or anything else you need to do! This group was inspired on a Skype group, which Foals Errand made to get us to nag her into writing. Now, though, we have decided we should spread to the void that is FimFiction and nag everyone that needs nagging!
Please read the rules!
Zooman Stan
Ocean Stardust
Comet Burst
and, our beloved mother, Foals Errand

Please post any Stories you'd like us to nag you with in the Nag Folder

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...I have almost no response to being invited here.

And to think, I just put all that effort into a Patreon launch for the same effect, when I could have just gotten nagged here!

I haven't updated my stories in 1/4 of a year, I need motivation, PLEASE.

I needed this. XD

Going to nag you. All of you.

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