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Concept Art! · 1:25am May 25th

Click to find out which character got their first bit of art!

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Can’t complain much. Would like a bit more time to write than work, but, gotta pay them bills. You know?

you are welcome:twilightsmile:
thanks , friend :pinkiehappy:
how are you ?

Thanks for the favorite, I really appreciate it! (not sure when I will get around to reading your pieces as I'm reading "TEL" now....) and I'm not that fast of a reader so yeah going to take me a bit.

  • Viewing 86 - 90 of 90
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Cover Art, Commissions, and Other Art.

Tourmaline, done by the amazing Silfoe

Wanderer with some new friends! Art commissioned by Midnight Radiance

Concept drawing of Tourmaline, by yours truly

Concept drawing of Wanderer, by yours truly.

Pencil sketch of Tourmaline, by RyukutheCreative
[img] [img]http://img07.deviantart.net/0423/i/2017/089/a/d/wanderer_and_tourmaline_by_zodiacspear-db42jwz.png[/img]
Tourmaline and Wanderer, by RyukutheCreative

Wanderer, by the talented RyukutheDemented.

Wanderer in the grasslands, by RyukytheDemented

Cover Art of Those Who Hunt, by the talented Swirling Line

Cover Art of One Against All, by the clever Noble Thought.

Original cover art of Harmony Undone: The Rise of Order, by the talented TimeTurner.

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