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Next to final chapter of Consequence inbound! · 9:12pm March 9th

That’s right, you read it correctly. Within the next few hours the long-awaited conclusion is coming! Once I get home today and give it one final look over for mistakes and it’ll be out!

Home stretch, folks, home stretch!

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A big thanks for the fave of Blood Curse Hunters my dear, may you enjoy the chapters to come.

2048074 Lies and slander. That particular episode was the creation of an anti-Trixie faction, headed by one Twilight Sparkle. My proof of this is the Trixie that appears in that episode, the coloring is different! Proof that it was not the real Trixie!

Her foes are most devious...

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Tourmaline, done by the amazing Silfoe

Wanderer with some new friends! Art commissioned by Midnight Radiance

Concept drawing of Tourmaline, by yours truly

Concept drawing of Wanderer, by yours truly.

Pencil sketch of Tourmaline, by RyukutheCreative
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Tourmaline and Wanderer, by RyukutheCreative

Wanderer, by the talented RyukutheDemented.

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