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We are the gods and goddesses of FiMFiction, taking our own form and invading the realm of you puny mortals. We would destroy you all, but of course your iridescent ponies have captured our eyes. Be it that you came to be known as a god/goddess, came to become one, or you are here as an Oracle, monk, nun, priest, priestess, or whatever.
Demi-gods/New gods-Admins
Oracles, Priests, Monks-Contributors (Rarely admins)
Mortals-Regular Users

I, the first admin, am Eris H. Discordia
My title is Supreme Goddess of Chaos

The Second Admin is Sir Alonne
He is Grandfather God of Formless Chaos, lord of the abyss, creator hell fire, darkness, madness, and evil

The Third Admin is HazardPony: messing things up.
My title is God of Unwanted Meddling and Gatekeeper of Olympus.

Sword of Wield The 3rd is our fourth admin.
He is God of Food

Our fifth admin is Evangelina ValaryAstaria
She is Goddess of Light and Order

The sixth admin is Exodia
God of the Exodus

The seventh admin, lol seventh son, is Dubs the Skrub
God of Lesser Chaos; Witch of Candy

The eighth admin is Lesbian Adagio Dazzle
Siren Goddess of Beauty and War

Our ninth admin is Butterkeet
Goddess of Love, Treachery, Spiders, who is fueled by Shadows and Uncertainty

Our tenth admin is Black Ultron
God of Destruction and Strings

Our eleventh admin is The Valkyrie
Goddess Queen: Position Seraphim Lucifer of the Valkyries

Our twelfth god is Hera H. Discordia
Goddess Of Lesser Chaos

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393889 you're a newbie àsking to be an admin when you do next to nothing in this group and most likely don't know any of the Adkins now I apologize for being an ass but I'm not in the best of moods right now.

393888 You don't have to be a jerk about it.

393209 Yeah good luck with that newbie

I want to be an Admin.

How did I never find this group while I was allowed to RP... well allowed is the wrong word but meh, still this seems interesting

If you read this,
you now know Aria Blaze is always bottom.

When Submitting A Story: A dramatization by The Sorcerer.


Wonderful group, indeed.

391261 Who ever the hell needs their name changed if they are a admin they need to do it themself

Comment posted by Wyrme deleted Mar 2nd, 2015

390980 Then she should do it

Our eleventh admin is The Valkyrie
Goddess Queen: Position Seraphim Lucifer of the Valkyries

Need to update the username.

389600 Well being the second in control here I should know but the obvious rules are just add them in the folders where they belong. So just make sure you put them in the right folders

389593 Does that mean there aren't any? :rainbowhuh:

Just curious--what are the rules for putting stories in folders?

have you?

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