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That One Pegasus

Aight, I've just come off a very long "hiatus". Might write again, might not. Who knows anymore? Certainly not I.

Hilarious Things [Pony-related, but not MLP related entirely... O.o]

[Temporarily Closed] Short Clop Story Requests

Firstly, some ground rules.

  • I’m only taking 3 requests at a time.
  • I’m only going to do clop.
  • Please don’t be offended if I turn you down! I simply don’t know how to write certain fetishes. Maybe in the future, after I expand my writing skills, I can write it, but for the moment I’m a bit limited.
  • Please only request stories in the PMs. Anything in the comments section will be overlooked (I really only want to look in one section! :P)

Currently taking 0 request(s).


Unimportant Drivel · 7:36pm Nov 22nd, 2017

I just finished reading Death Note in under 21 hours.

I think I've found my new obsession.

Note: Do not attempt this at home. This was performed by a (un)professional speed-reader who was assisted greatly by coffee, and possibly some sort of brain malfunction.

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It seems to be doing that lately on all groups. Just go to your story, click on the arrow that's in the upper right hand corner, and hit "Add to groups". It seems to work that way.

No worries! I feel you completely.

Hi, I'm trying to submit my fanfic into your new group but the "Add Story" tab button isn't showing.

It’s fine.

Yeah, I did. Thanks for catching that, Hoops.

Sorry, The Wandering Bard! I meant to reply to you!

No problem! You deserve it!

The struggle of using mobile in the morning..

You tagged the wrong pwrson

No problem! You deserve it!

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