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Welcome to the Fimfiction Bureau of Imaginationists

This is a group specifically designed to monitor, neutralize, and maybe even fix the biggest threat that this website has ever seen: poorly written stories with no clear content. The FBI is a pleasant (not harsh) review group whose goal is to make every single writer who joins be treated with respect and dignity.

We have taken an oath in which we vow to stop at nothing to help anyone with their story, whether it is common grammar issues, character development flaws, or a full-blown jumble of words and commas stuck onto a page. Our staff will gladly make sure you are satisfied with your own work.

Any type of story is allowed to be submitted. (Although I personally don't like excessive gore or HiE stories, my staff and I won't let any biases interfere with helping you make that special story perfect.)

Beneath our tough exterior and our awesome badges, we are people too. We will not tolerate any disrespect to us or any member of this site. Don't make me taser you.

(FYI - I despise a governmental, self-interested, or controlling site. That is not us.)

Submit a Story!

Interested in being a reviewer?
Please complete this application. If you possess a strong head for grammar, character development, or any other issues, then I please invite you to apply. This is a little bit hard, but if you can do this application well, then you are more than ready to face anything that comes your way. Think of this more as training than applying anyway. I always encourage more reviewers.

Interested in being an administrator? I'd welcome anyone who has prior experience to help me guide us in the right direction. This is a democracy, not a dictatorship. This is based almost solely on reputation and time commitment. The more good people I have on my staff, the better this website can be. Please PM me if you are interested.


Admiral Q Ponyform


Civviq Writer



Joyous Apple




Scarlett Haze

Spirit Shift

DaeCat (Also a reviewer and my right hand man)


Man on the Moon



Human Resources

If you are having a problem with someone who is being disrespectful in this group, please contact NINJA-PON3 so the matter could be resolved.

Well, I guess that is it. I hope you all have a great experience in this group, as our first, and only, policy is to help you become a better writer. At any means necessary...

A billion bits to all of you,
Matthew DePointe

(P.S - If you have any questions, please contact either myself, or any of the Administration. You can also want to PM me to talk, discuss writing strategy, or just chillax.)

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This looks like a cool group:scootangel:!
Not long ago, this group was not a part of the Universe. Then you came along and clicked it into existence.

I saw all that you had made here, and behold, it was fresh. Congratulations! Your creation was listed in New Groups.

393015 This would make it all very much easier and efficient.
I need someone to point out exactly where the problems are and what I could do to address these issues.
After a few times, the individual problems should thin out and disappear, I think.

393012 I can wait, as curious as I may be to see how the story fairs in your eyes.
New crowd to entertain, but I guess you have something more fun to choose from here?
I would love to see what I can improve upon, if for nothing but the chance to make the story more fun for future readers.
On the other hoof, that goes for the implication of what ever I learn, towards my future stories as well.
Why leave the lessons learned by the roadside, when writing other stories, initiated or new once?

393000 I move around on the site, guess I am hard to miss.
On the other hoof, I can be rather oppinionated too.
I like keeping the groups active and alive, even if it mostly is in posting stories.

seems I am Nr.62 with the 24th story on the group, silly me.

392834 Hiya, haven't I seen you someplace else?

392841 if you like reviewing, I can send a few stories this way for you to enjoy.

392862 Good enough reason. Why does one need more?

392884 Hiya. Wait, haven't I seen you someplace else before?

Thy cup chall never empty, for I will fill it with new stories. :pinkiegasp:

Smiles was here. :rainbowkiss:

joining because i can

I'll look at that reviewer application later

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