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Matthew DePointe

I wanted a computer that could shoot crystals onto the page. Needless to say, I got screwed. Instead, I use my imagination to pull my viewers into a state of total awe.

Status Update

Beneath a Mask of Fur and Fangs
(2% complete)

New Artwork for the FBI
(0% complete - If you are a good artist, please help me by creating fun stuff for the group.)

Editing my old stories
(1% complete - My quest for perfection is often halted due to weather)

Goals and Mission Statement

Mission Statement:

I believe that writing should be easy and fun, but it will be hard. This website should leave you happy, socially accepted, and self aware of your flaws in your writing so you may improve. I will uphold all my integrity in all my projects and I will help others inspire to fulfill their dreams.


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