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We will give you fun, we will give you friendship, and we will give you freedom!:yay:

There were dark times, and I yearned to find somewhere where I could be in the light. But now I have seen that in order to be happy, I cannot sit like a rock and wait for good to come to me, I must make good and bring good to myself. But why stop there? I can bring good to everyone!

This is a group for writing, and it has taught me so much. I wish to teach others what I know about writing and let them know they can become better than what they are if they do not feel confident about themselves. We can spark a renaissance, and that's what this is all about.

Join or not, it's inevitable what shall happen. There will be a time when things seems slow and dark and boring, but then there will be the one who brings light, action, drama, and fun to those who need it most.

But most of all, friendship. That is why Twilight Sparkle is our mascot. She is an example of friendship that I somewhat follow. That's why I love MLP and still watch it to this day. The episodes that I enjoy most are not the episodes that show copious amounts of fan service and explosions and whatnot. They are the ones that go into full detail of what the magic of friendship is. And those feelings I got from watching those episodes inspired me to make this group.

We are more than for writers. We are for friends.

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I enjoy reading posts like that when people share their feelings and tell how much they love what they do. I’m a huge fan of my work and I would never ever change it, but my study doesn’t want us to be together, because I have a huge study load and ready to die sometimes. But I decided it won’t break us apart and started working with edubirdie.com , so they could make my assignment and I would have more time for my work. It’s a real love story, yeah xD

I have a story to check out. It is called "Dino Saurian Rex".

Looks like a pretty interesting group!:ajsmug:

407347 You can post a thread about it

So I've got a story I want people to check out, where should i post it?

Joined because this is an interesting group, would love to see how this develops over time

403544 :twilightsheepish: Sorry for such a late response

401218 Bit late but its sorted

401122 There is a lack of a clop/gore/mature folder. Just thought I'd point this out.

There needs to be a sad folder.

" The episodes that I enjoy most are not the episodes that show copious amounts of fan service and explosions and whatnot."

I word from our sponsers:


400978 Description now posted on the front page

This group has a lack of any explanation about what it is actually about. I'm just going to assume it's about mass pony LARPing until I find out.


Excellent! Thank you! That's always good to know.:twilightsmile:

400937 I'm always up to help

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