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Just want to say that I am a HUGE fan of your "The Scent" series and I'm just wondering if you'll create another story to the series? I'm sure that it is probably unlikely but I had to ask.

As a matter of fact I need to pick those books back up again. :twilightsmile:

Well, a week has passed. I hope that you survive the nasty covid.

Well, he actually told me via the following in PM:

Nah man told everyone last year was my last time. Sad to say the meme had run it's course. That and I got Covid so I thought fuck it time to pack this thing in and let it lie.


Holy crap! You're right. I haven't thought of that until now!? :applejackconfused:

HA!In your face! You went through a whole 9/11 anniversary without making a cringe 9/11 meme blog post whatsoever! XD



You should actually double check the dates I have posted. Most of my posts is specifically from April. And only two in May.

But, I haven't responded back for more than a entirety of a single MONTH ( June ), and more.

That is, until you surprisingly answered back ( Instead of George. ), and you blamed me as the "bad guy"?

( Especially when all I'm trying to do. Is to get in contact with George to make somewhat of a apology for what happened in February. And fully explain my side on why I heavy critique on his storytelling. )

Besides, real harassing is supposed to be very frequent. And you can clearly see that I'm not.

I could have done a whole lot worse like posting every single week. Right then, I would have no excuse, and you can have every right to accuse me of harassment.

But, I didn't do that. Sssoooo.

Dude you need to get a life. Also if you read the story you would understand the complexity of my writing please see image for reference. Who cares if it is OOC. He ends up knocking them up and getting magical abilities. And gets to bone a harem of eternally busty and youthful women. Sure bad shit happened to him but he and those psychopaths managed to work though it. And generally find happiness. Life isn't black and white. Though for fuck sake stop harassing George.



I don't want to keep bothering you, but I just want to know if you seen my long explanation comment, and my somewhat of a apology.



So, you finally respond back to me a while ago. But, you didn't seen my long explanation on why I did what I did? And a somewhat of a apology to you?


Hello? Did you see my recent comment a while ago?


You intentionally called me a liar to another user after I made a suggestion for that user to read The Scent since they did not like my story,

I admit, I will apologize for insulting you like that. But there is a "reasonable" reason and explanation on why I said it. Take it what you will.

Firstly, that other user ( DazzlerMoon ) made a very long, ( But very agreeable, in my opinion. ) critique that he didn't like how your story made the once-likable ponies into OOC hypocritical, sexist, more racist/xenophobic, and total rapist freaks with no redeeming qualities.

While the poor human main character ( Daniel) not only is a weak, doormat p**** that can't even defend himself. He somehow doesn't even care he is treated like garbage, and a sex slave!?

When he should realistically want to either find a way to kill them all, or leave that god forsaken country, go someplace else. OR just find a way to get back to earth to his real family and friends, and forget about this disgusting experience.

Here's DazzlerMoon's comment to remind you;

I'm halfway through this story and honestly I can't stand it anymore. Daniel is just a doormat, every other character is a rapist, Daniel's constantly getting raped and no one gives a fuck. I wouldn't be so bothered if, say, these ponies knew what they were doing was wrong but they couldn't help there urges. The author was making it clear that estrus was unbearable for mares but it never seems like they actually care that there raping someone. You could have at least some ponies feel bad about raping Daniel, that wouldn't make it good but the fact that he's constantly getting raped and nopony cares, he doesn't even seem to care that much, makes me feel like the author doesn't care. We as the audience are the outsiders looking in and the protagonist should be the window through which we see the world. So when we see our protagonist, our hero, getting raped and not caring, it's incredibly jarring and honestly, it really pisses me off. I can't buy any of the romances in the story because the ponies who say they love Daniel are also raping him and Nightmare Moon even forces Daniel to get raped by taking over his body and having sex with someone, she also never stops other mares from raping him. Celestia acts like she loves Daniel but threatens to rip his balls off when he has sex with other mares and never so much as apologizes later. I can't sympathize with a character who can't even get angry when he's being raped and abused and just treats it like a mild annoyance. With every chapter I read I'm constantly imagining that Daniel has some big scheme to get revenge on all of these horrible ponies who act like they care about him but I constantly have to remind myself that he isn't doing jack shit. Daniel doesn't do anything in the story himself, everything just happens to him. He's just being dragged around as other character around him actually have goals and are actually trying to accomplish something. There are all these powerful characters around Daniel that all adore him and he never does anything with that. I've had this extra tab open for weeks and I'll, every now and then, come back to read a bit more of the story and I'm constantly waiting to find some reason to like this character but he's suck a dumbass, such a doormat, and he has no goals of his own.
5 of the main 6 are rapist, the princesses are rapist, everypony's a rapist and no one cares. I've seen authors write stories were all the character are reprehensible, like Headless Rainbow, but the difference is those are stories of horrible people in a horrible world; this is a normal person in a horrible world but he acts like all the horrible things happening to him are just an inconvenience. It keeps pissing me off and I just can't read anymore of it.

Okay, I just had to sum up my thoughts and my grievances with this story before I remove it from my 'read it later' list. I'm sorry to the author but whenever I would try to read more of the story, I would get so pissed off because of these things I felt I had to transcribe my thoughts.

And this is the moment when you suggested to him to look into Distorted Flare's The Scent: Lust of Mares story instead.

But here's the REAL problem; I actually read Lust of Mares myself a long ago. ( And I still remember the whole story back then, and the now. )

Basically, both of your stories have the same concepts that have the ponies being OOC sexist rapists with no remorse. Nor getting karma or competence for their terrible actions against Daniel or Lachlan.

And the human male OC's are pathetic doormats that can't defend themselves, or doesn't plan to take revenge. Nor just plan to permanently leave Equestria, or find a way to get back to earth. The same problems that DazzlerMoon ( And myself. ) criticize about.

For example; It's like telling a Sci-Fi hater that doesn't like Star Wars, to go watch Star Trek. Or a Superhero hater that doesn't like Marvel to go watch DC Comics.

You see where I'm going with this? :applejackunsure:

And for some reason. You didn't exactly tell him that The Scent is basically the same thing like yours. ( In my eyes ) It's like you withhold that fact, and you secretly want him to be upset all over again?

And I already know that once DazzlerMoon read it himself. He will obviously be disappointed all over again, and will probably complain it to not only Distorted Flare, but to also you for "lying" to him.

That is why I interfered to warn him not to read it, and accuse you of not telling him about The Scent having the same problems that DazzlerMoon ( And I ) hated to see. And prevent the hypothetical scenario that I just mentioned.

Do you see why I accused you as a "liar"? I just didn't specify or defend myself on why I did that to you, like right now.

Hopefully, there won't be any hard feelings after this.

P.S. I will talk about the blog in another comment. Once you respond back to comment this.

You intentionally called me a liar to another user after I made a suggestion for that user to read The Scent since they did not like my story, and you spammed my blog with nonsense. That is why you got blocked.

Haven't been online back in February 8th?

I'm a white man watcha gonna do mfer

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