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Happy 9-11 · 6:32am September 11th

Another year another 9/11 shit post. See you all next year.

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Thank you for the follow, dude.

Wait a minute, why the fuck are you following me? I'm just some lowly heathen who wrote a single thing like 7 fuckin years ago.

Are you still working on my love, the night?

At this point I doubt it if you PM me I will give you the ending for all of them and maybe give you some closure.

Christ no that was a template. It had no donation buttons dude. And if it did it would have rejected the payment and refunded you. I deleted that piece of shit website years ago.

Comment posted by Golden Thought deleted Oct 24th, 2018

Lust of mares comic? I never put up a preorder link? And that was scrapped like 2 weeks after I started doodling because I didn't feel like getting Hasbro to shove a cease and desist up my ass. Jesus I was a autist back then.


Bro. Some people preordered your LoM comic and have been waiting for it, myself included.

Take your pic. I don't really write anymore got bored of shit posting stories so mostly just shit post for the lols now.

What the fuck is your deal? I ask in the most loving way.

https://derpibooru .org/761921?q=alice+in+wonderland

No space between derpibooru and the .

I'm curious, where did you find that image of Chrysalis? I tried to look for it but I can't find it any were.

nah. I will probably edit it and make that chapter the last one.

So is there any chance of Traditions and Customs https://www.fimfiction.net/story/192370/traditions-and-customs actually continuing, or is it effectively canceled?

Rest in peace at Lands of the Banned.

  • Viewing 782 - 801 of 801
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