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https://ko-fi.com/der_arzt I have a Ko-fi page, hurray!

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  • 15 weeks
    Using my characters

    Recently this year there has been a story on this site using my character Eunomia without permission, and now today I've come to discover someone was attempting to use Eunomia for Role Play on a Twitter account. DO NOT USE MY CHARACTERS WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!!! Seriously, just let me know beforehand. I will get back to you quickly if you send me a message of some kind, but be aware using my characters without my permission is stealing, and I don't appreciate thieves!

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  • 109 weeks
    Xy Chromosome Comics

    Yes, it's true! I've come to a decision to make an Xy Chromosome Comic series should the story reach a goal of 2000 likes. If that happens I'll start posting comics on my FA page portraying Xy Chromosome side events that are better seen than written. The comics are non-profit, and I will be making them for the sole purpose of entertaining you all. Should the goal be reached I'll put out another blog saying so, and a link so you can view the comics. Thank-you all for continuing to read this

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  • 114 weeks
    Time to say Hi!

    I've been pondering on it lately, and decided to give it a go, but I'd like to connect with those who watch me, or the fans of my work. So, if you want to talk about Xy Chromosome, or just simply shoot the shit give me a shout on my discord, and I'll get back to you. The time I'll be mostly monitoring discord will be around 4:30 p.m. central U.S. time every weekday. Also, look me up on my FA page here (18+ years or older please)

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Comment posted by IronForge112 deleted May 15th, 2019

hey there. i wonder when the last time you write new chapter for Xy Chromosome?

Keep reading and you’ll see art of them eventually

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