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Country: Sweden
Sex: male
Status: Singel (if any pegasister should look)
Height: 175 cm or about 5' "7
Weight:76 kg
Eye color: Blue
Hair: Brown
Body: Avarage

MLP (duh)
Warhammer fantasy/40k


Babs Seed x Human Saga World View - · 3:53pm Jun 4th, 2017

11. Herd structure

Herds basic structure:
One stallion and one to five mares is the most common herd structure there is today.
The birth ratio is 5/1 on mare/stallion so the herd is constructed to take that into account.
In some rare cases a stallion can have more than five mares.
For a mare to join a herd she have to do one of the following actions:
1. Get pregnant (usually after some time courting the stallion).

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Hallo, are you ok my friend? We have not seen hide nor hair of you in awhile!

O he ded. So, so ded.

Still alive buddy?

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