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Country: Sweden
Sex: male
Status: Singel (if any pegasister should look)
Height: 175 cm or about 5' "7
Weight:76 kg
Eye color: Blue
Hair: Brown
Body: Avarage

MLP (duh)
Warhammer fantasy/40k


Babs Seed x Human Saga World View - · 3:53pm Jun 4th, 2017

11. Herd structure

Herds basic structure:
One stallion and one to five mares is the most common herd structure there is today.
The birth ratio is 5/1 on mare/stallion so the herd is constructed to take that into account.
In some rare cases a stallion can have more than five mares.
For a mare to join a herd she have to do one of the following actions:
1. Get pregnant (usually after some time courting the stallion).

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Still alive buddy?

When will you be posting more chapter's?


Hehe we will see how things goes, some ideas and path have been set, but the story still can have some things added to it

Well will take some chapters before I will come to Twilight and playing around with her :)
Well look forward to it

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