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A group dedicated to sharing love for the milkmare of Trottingham, Milky Way.

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This mare needs more love:heart:!!!

proofreading and
editing service

PM me with any requests


Not only my person is Milky way but its animated like banned from equestria daily:twilightsheepish:

No, I just meant the English accent in general.
And its two places to which Trottingham owes its name, though in this circumstance that hardly matters...

So you hail from Nottingham, eh? Welcome!

For a mare who shares the same accent as me I can't help but be turned on... ignore that last statement. Oh yeah, JenkinsRevenge sent me here, you should totally make him an admin.

Good group. Didn't mean to submit one of my non related fics.

Don't worry I removed it.

Hello everypony! This is the home of Milky Way stories on fimfiction!

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