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From the writefags that brought you Rainbro Dash and Fetishy, it's Anonymous in Equestria! Enjoy all the spaghetti, feels, sides, and clop you have the ability to stomach. Also make sure to check us out on /mlp/ for more variety because, quite frankly, some writefags have stories far too long to take the time to convert out of greentext.

For those of you who are unaware, "Anonymous in Equestria" is a series of HiE series hailing from the wastelands of /mlp/. Anonymous, or Anon for short, is a character that you can visualize and relate to on your own. Not all Anons are the same; it's a name that is mainly used for the human character. The stories involving Anon can range from saucy romances to epic adventures. There are only two rules to writing an AiE story:

1) The main character must be Anonymous. Not an anonymous character, but the character's name is "Anonymous", or "Anon", or some variation of the "Anon" name.
2) He/she must be in Equestria or otherwise somewhere in the MLP universe.

That's all there is to it. So kick back, relax, and enjoy the stories.

Submission process:
1. Submit story to the Main folder.
2. Add your story to the folders you believe apply to it.
3. Someone (one of the mods) will eventually look over your story to make sure Anon is in it, and will move your story accordingly if necessary. If it is deemed not AiE-material, it will be removed with or without warning.

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Comment posted by Enonnnymous deleted Feb 13th, 2021

Think we can get an anthro folder??

Question about the rules, yes yes, what if Anon isn't the main character...but Anon IS in the story?
Eh? eeeeh? Is that allowed?
Does it depend on how important he, or she, is to the PLOT?

Incorrect, you fucking weirdo

Cozybro #67 · Mar 6th, 2018 · · 13 ·

No anonfilly tag? Fimfiction needs alot more anonfilly.

Hi I’m a person that sucks at writing so I’ve decided to help others with ideas instead if you need help go to my blog and you’ll find a link to my groups :moustache:

Davey #65 · Jan 14th, 2017 · · 1 ·

GUYS!!! We did it, we finally have an "Anon" tag!

Hey, random question. Does anyone know if in ANY of the Anon fics they've read, that the line, "Anon, Anon. Anon." was used? Because it was pointed out to me a while ago that anon also means soon and I just realised I never came across it. So the line would actually mean, "Soon, Anon. Soon." Then again, the only being I could think of using this line would be Luna so I don't expect many, if any, results.

i come back after never visiting this site or the thread for a year and all my favorite authors are dead rip

I've seen so many freaking pictures on Anon with the ponies and it made no sense.

It now makes sense.

403636 fucking heresy

There be Anon in Equestria.
BUTT, no he has family and ancestral lines.
Long live the line of Mr. Anon ..

My waifu>your waifu

If all that is required for the story to qualify is that a character with "Anon" in the name is in Equestria, then I may have an upcoming story that would be fitting right in.

In this case, the Anons are moving to Ponyvile from Edo, which is a place on Earth, populated by humans.

Re-uploaded the group image to take advantage of the new higher quality of group images.

proofreading and
editing service

PM me with any requests



all ur waifu a shit

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