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This is where the main character of the fanfiction is "You" not anypony else, but "You" got it?

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I want a second person fanfic where the human is the villian! A villain that ultimately wins in the end, and enslaves everybody!

Can someone help me find a fanfic?

the fanfic is a 2nd person and it starts out With the main character without his memories Running from The Mane Six and the princesses in a tower and when he's caught the mane six except Twilight talks about killing him but Twilight wanting to save the human snaps the rest of the mane six out of it and the chapter ends with one of the ponies (I'm not sure but i think Fluttershy) Knocking the human unconscious.

hey. can anyone help me find a fic or the author to the story? its a old story back when the site was young. the author wrote great 2nd person fics about "you" and humanized mane6(taking place in the real world).

i remember a applejack the story: taking place after you lost your wife and son and went on a trip and came AJ at a bar and you guys hang out with and even dated. you soon found out her farm was about to be taken from the bank and you payed it and saved her home. then you 2 left the town and lived somewhere.

the other story i remember was about pinkie pie and how you met her at a donut shop after/before going to college classes. you help her with her dream of becoming a baker and open her shop which started out small but became huge as years went by.

anyone remember reading these or seeing these in their favs?

So... is this group still alive and kicking?

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When a character is being addressed as "you" in actions, (such as this one: You get up and walk to the door to open it and see your best friend there.) then the story is in 2nd person.

2nd person itself means the story includes the reader as a character(usually as the main character).

I hope i don't get it wrong >~< But what is "you" are the main character, but you're telling the story from another character's point of view... seeming like you actually are there? :rainbowhuh:

One of my stories are like that lolz. :twilightblush:(Sorry if it's confusing)

YAY! 1000 Members :pinkiehappy:

Man only 9 member away from 1000 and also I love the stories::pinkiehappy:

Man I love these stories

355737 Funny thing about you replying late: my wifi's been out for a while and I just got it back running a few hours ago :twilightsheepish: So no matter what I wouldn't have seen it 'til now.

Sorry for the late reply.

As far as I know for the rules: as long as the story is 2nd person it works for the group. Doesn't need the reader themselves, but does need to be as if the reader is them.

Kind of like playing Half-life and being Gordon Freeman, but you also know your not him.

Just make sure you put it in the right folder.

Say a story is in second person but establishes the main character as someone separate from the reader, does it still fit here?

Joining! I love second person stories! :twistnerd:

I love everybody work but mostly the ones with pinkie and fluttershy are they best:pinkiesmile::fluttershyouch::heart::heart:

I love everybody's work here I read so many of these and found them to be cute:pinkiehappy:

343720 i d like to read some good ones if found a few but their are way more you/ranbow dash and you/fluttershy stories and in some the romance gets ...a but too intense for my taste if i had to rate it by the
Sensual Fiction (SFG) chart at best id prefer it to be tender at best just really sweet and apple jack and twilight are nice id bet they'd make sweet girlfriends im jsut looking for simple romance stories not really any tagedy or sad parts i mean if the BF was bullies in he past you know small stuff like that thats fine but nobody dieing oe anything also them in equestria girls form is fine by me

How badly do you want one of each?

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