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Welcome to the Sensual Fiction group on FimFiction.

What is the SFG all about?
Sensual fanfiction. Emotionally evocative tales. Stories that present the reader with a real experience.

The SFG is all about collecting and presenting romantic works of all kinds, characters, and perspectives – all in a friendly community environment – anything from charming schoolyard crushes to dramatic, romantic adventures to stories about belly rubs or hoof licking.

Example stories: The Stockpile (2011-2012)

What do these ratings mean?
Ratings allow readers to know exactly what level of romantic intensity to expect in a story. They are more detailed, but similar to, the official FimFiction ratings of “Everyone – Teen – Mature.”

[ Fluffy ] - Nothing serious, mostly cute. (Everyone)
[ Fuzzy ]- A real d'aw scene for the heart. (Everyone)
[ Snuggly ]- Hugs, peck on the cheek, etc. (Everyone)
[ Tender ]- Kisses, lying down together. (Teen)
[Romantic] - Kisses w/ tongue, massages. (Teen)
[ Cheeky ] - Moaning, overly massaging wings, hooves, etc. (Teen)
[ Saucy ] - Very, VERY suggestive, but doesn't show sexual intercourse. (Mature)

Right now, no stories featuring actual intercourse are allowed.

How do I post fics?
It's actually very simple – first, decide the most appropriate rating for your story based on the content guidelines above. Next, post your fic in the corresponding folder.

Note that any story should only be posted once.

The “New Content” folder will be updated periodically by a group moderator, in order to showcase new stories and keep new additions easily accessible.

Is foalcon permitted?
While stories involving young characters (CMC, Pipsqueak, Spike, etc) are permitted, they must fit in the Fluffy - Tender content categories. In this way, foalcon stories are not allowed.

So help everyone by carefully considering whether a particular story is appropriate for the group.

Who decides whether the content is appropriate, anyway?
The current content moderators are

Celebrating 800 members!! - - congratulations to paper bag wizard for doing the honors
Celebrating 1,000 members!!


New to the group and want to see some submitted classics? Check out the stockpile!
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What happened to the "Whoa!" folder??

I have been just randomly opening alot of groups in new tabs and just joining and repeating the cycle.

I started out with the decent writers club...

And i went through so many nsfw groups it is insane...

tbh> actually enjoyed this more than i should have

proofreading and
editing service

PM me with any requests


I made this on Valentines Day

Wow, I just learned about this group! To be honest I've never been much of a Romance writer. I've dabbled, but not really went full in. The exception would be with a small group of stories that I've been working on, but that's still been pretty recent.


I don't know if How the Other Half Lives fits, exactly. I mean, there's some very intense friendshipping that leads to... something, but I still don't know. I'll drop it here just in case, but just let me know if it doesn't.

Don't mind me, I'm just on my way to drop some Rarijack off in yo Saucy folder.

Feels, man. Feels. I'm glad I found this group, now I know where to go when I'm in serious need of feelings. Dem feels!

Where has this place been all my life.

Question: What is the Main folder for? Usually I'd put my story in both Main and the appropriate rating folder, except your rules say I should not put it in more than one. So it would seem the Main folder has no purpose, yet there are stories in it. :rainbowhuh:

can we have a nd person folder for stories like that just to make them easier to find

I added my story to "Cheeky", but it skirts the line between that and "Saucy", and has the word "Fuck" in it several times. (But it is DEFINITELY a romantic relationship.), so if you feel it should be moved to saucy, by all means feel free to do so.

I joined and btw this group gets the "Invaderrainbowdash seal of approval" or it would if I had one... Hmm I should get one

Well, time to write a tender story with my OC! :rainbowlaugh:

The description says 'fluff' among other romantic things so I'm joining as well!:yay:

Couldn't be bothered, honestly.

You must find out on your own.

:trixieshiftright: Which group was that?

I joined one group, and then said, "Meh."
So I don't approve of all of them.

As soon as I saw that you had joined, I knew you'd say you approved...

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