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Emotional Abuse.....Help · 10:43pm Feb 2nd, 2019

Hey everyone its me and well my latest wish....Is to DIE!!! Iv fianlyl found out I have been dealing with Emotional abuse all my life for 26 Years (that's how old I am now) and im at my limit. Just This week I Finally Tried to committee Suicide by Gnawing on my Wrist while Sitting in a Corner Silently Crying "Their IS NO Hope " I CAT TAKE THIS ANY MORE My Mother Is STRAGNLING ME AND WONT GIVE ME A LIFE MY GRANDFATHER IS JSUT IGNORING IT AND NOT DOING ANYTHIGN EVEN NOW JUST TODAY HE SAID IM JUST

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The next chapter of From Repair to Despair is up and ready.

Welcome to Epic Adventure, High Fantasy, and Sci-Fi!

you don't have to worry im not going anyhere sorry for the scare and the late reply

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