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I wouldn't have believed anyone that told me a decade ago I'd love pony well into my 20's.

About Me

Occupation: Sugarbeet researcher/truck driver/student

Favorite Ponies: Starlight Glimmer, Sunset Shimmer

Hobbies: Camping, biking, beer-tasting, competitive shooting (rifle, pistol, shotgun, cowboy action)

I've been a fan of MLP:FIM since 2011; that was a great time to join the fandom.

Latest Stories


Releases will be sporadic for several weeks · 7:16am August 20th

A scientific paper on sugarbeets I'm contributing to needs work, harvest begins soon, and school starts up again this week so I'm not anticipating weekly releases for either of my active stories, The Virgin Company and Princess Essenta, for at least a few weeks. I'm still editing and doing a little rewriting on them so I hope to drop a chapter before the month is out and a couple in September.

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Chapter Release Schedule

Updated August 20, 2018

Princess Essenta: Limited release during summer; returning to a structured schedule in autumn

The Virgin Company: Weekly, if work allows time for editing

Larkspur Blossom: On hiatus; new story arc in later 2018

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