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Fan of MLP:FIM since 2011. I wouldn't have believed anyone that told me a decade ago I'd love pony in my 20's.

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Annual camping trip, yay! · 3:41am Yesterday

I'm going camping later this week and weekend so those who follow my stuff will have to wait until sometime later next week to see how the princess and the lieutenant make out in my active stories.

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Chapter Release Schedule

Updated May 16, 2018

Princess Essenta: Limited release during summer; returning to a structured schedule in autumn

The Virgin Company: Mondays, if work allows time for editing

Larkspur Blossom: On hiatus; new story arc in later summer

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Sweet. And welcome to the site.

Thank you for following. Have one too.

Sweet. You a fan of Bakshi's work? I know I am.

Writing is fun; it's the main reason I do it. With a couple degrees under my belt I work a couple jobs, one involving sugarbeet research and one driving truck and forklift in the off-season (pays well and good schedule, no degree needed).

As far as recommended stories, I'd love to shill for my own, if you can stand OCs. I only work with OCs within the Gen. 4 universe. I have a coming-of-age story, an ancient borderline-alcoholic princess adventure story, and a military drama/war story.

As far as recommending others' work, Triple X is from six or seven years ago. It's the first story I read here and one of my favorites. It's about an Earth pony that runs a smut shop and his courtship with Lyra Heartstrings. Things have come a long way since then.

I also recommend Long Road to Friendship. It's a Sunset Shimmer story that began development before the second Equestria Girls movie was released. I loved this story, but its sequel saw characters become caricatures of themselves and I gave up on it some time ago.

  • Viewing 56 - 60 of 60
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