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Alright Im starting this group for stories that are surrounded or that include multiple OCs or a single OC.
Everyone is welcome. Any thing can be posted in the discussion thread as long as its OC related. This is an all OC group. Anything OC is cool. When or if you add a story to a folder please put it in the correct one Your story can be in multiple folders if you like as long as it meets the criteria
lol anything goes! I originally had no clop but the people wanted it. It's all good. just keep it in the CLOP folder
I like OCs, they can add a different flair to a story and make it more interesting. We already know about the main 6. With OCs we can get to know new characters and personalities. Anyway, If you join try to get more people to join if you can. If you know someone who would be interested in this group let them know. If you see stories that dont belong in the folder they are in. Let an admin know so we can get them in the correct place.

Any OC story may have the mane 6 or any other characters in it.

The only restriction in this group is that the story must have an OC of some sort in it

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