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Everyone loves their OC. But sometimes it seems good stories that are newer don't seem to get the views they deserve!

This group is devoted to Epic OC Stories. Click here for the details on what I mean by that.

Also click here for the general rules of the group!

Anypony and everypony is allowed to post whatever they wish as long as there is an OC that is important to the story. I love when OC have a lot of thought and creativity involved! Any and all stories posted will be read by myself or an admin. I would really like other writers to try and read the other stories posted and lets all give each other some good critiques on how anypony can improve their writing! /) There are a few things in this group I want to add in addition to just general posting. These Include Reviews, and Art

if you have a story that you want an official review or opinion post it in the Awaiting Review folder. Anypony that puts his story in that folder expect a non-sugar coated review. The editors/pre-readers of this group will go and read it, and give you an honest review. Any review posted with be honest and blunt, but yet not insulting. Stories put in this folder will not be disliked/nor liked while in there (Unless it is really freaking good) Until it is removed by an editor or admin. it is strictly to help you get an idea of how your story is so far.


Any Artists willing to offer their services to draw a cover art or anything for any other author let us know! Send me or one of the other admins a PM and we will add your name to the Artist thread. This includes Commission or Non Commission artists! otherwise feel free to post your art anywhere on the group. Promote your hard work for all of us to see! (feel free to link deviant art info too)

Any members constantly active and contributing advice, drawings, and or stories to the group may be asked to join the admins! Current admins are Night Spark and GrayStorm besides myself!

I'm Almost Done!
Obviously this group is a ghost town right now. I will try and do some similar stuff as The Writers Group with various contests and prizes as the group gets larger and more stories are added.
Now while The Writers Group, Art for Fanfiction, and The Equestrian Critics Society post stories, do art, and review, this group focuses on good creative OC stories, and since this group is nowhere near as populated as those you don't have to worry about your story being buried by 60 others the same time you post.

Let the posting of stories, threads, art and reviews BEGIN!

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Comment posted by Speedyblupi deleted Jun 24th, 2015

Happy I joined

Question: is this group specifically for OC only stories or could the OCs be main and the characters from the show could be side characters?

I joined and added one of my all-OC adventure stories- hope that was ok.

Yay more members! :rainbowkiss:

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