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Who are we?

Port OC is a group dedicated to the creation, and reading of Original Character stories. Stories that primarily focus on an OC, and hopefully consist of nothing but OCs, but OC stories containing canon character will not be shun; so long as the main focus is the OC, or OCs in question.

Rules regarding what is not allowed in the Forum

No self promotion; now I personally don't have a problem with self promotion, however the forum is not the place for that. Save such things for your blog, or other outlets that permit it, but not here; thank you.
No flame wars; I am thankful that I have not seen it yet, but I know it happens. If your OC is in a romance with a known character, or I see any long winded arguments over which character is better, etc.

For future clarity these are the things that are permitted;

1. Talking about your OC(s)
2. Seeking proofreaders
3. Pitching story ideas
4. Setting up a contest, so long as you PM me first to ensure that it fits with the overall focus of this group; in other words it has to relate to OCs in some meaningful way.
5. Issuing questions or comments to the group as a whole, so long as it is not derogatory, or seeks to inflame people. I THINK IT GOES WITHOUT SAYING SUCH INTENTIONS WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE EXILE FROM THE GROUP, SO DON'T TRY ME.

Simply put, the forum is meant to be a place where we can communicate to each other in a civil manner, and thus strength ourselves as a community/group. I hope this helps, and if I have failed in that regard please tell me so, and I will do my best to patch it again; I work for you, remember that.

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I guess i could as well join, so here I am.
My writing is containing a fresh set of OCs filling up important posts of stories on and off.
Sometimes just the one, or an entire city/settlement.

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