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Prone to extreme analysis, wild ideas, and grossness.

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Upfront, I must advertise that I do commissions for $10 per 1000 words (rounded down) and virtually nothing is off-limits, just send me a message to get started.

As far as what I like to write: generally I prefer making comedy, but I also will dabble in clop or drama, all using an overly-realistic approach to things in general, but especially bodily functions, sexuality, and death.
In essence, I like to write about the stuff the show implies but never shows and use it to good story effect. As should be obvious, the works of kudzuhaiku are a big influence on what I write.

Any feedback on where I'm messing up is greatly appreciated, as votes don't tell me why you liked or disliked a story.

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Patreons go stale after too long. I'll probably be using another site for donations and commission payments as well.

Please support me on Patreon if you enjoy my work.

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Are you always open for shorter ideas?

Somewhat. I currently have several ideas I'm rather sitting on, but I am open to ideas that are rather light in tone and short in length.

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