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Prone to extreme analysis, wild ideas, and grossness.

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I'm a little new to actually writing, but I've wanted to do it for a long time, as I've got a very active imagination. I do still mostly lurk, but will try to get stories up on a regular basis.

My fics probably will seem a bit random in terms of what idea I go with, but will have a common feel to them because of my approach. I obsess over realism, little details, and especially the unpleasant details like bodily functions.
As an example, if you put a mare and a stallion in a box for 24 hours, at the very least they'll fart, pee, get very hungry, and consider getting physical, and the story should justify how that's handled (maybe they're asexual robots that only pee once a year, which is kind of how it feels like in a lot of the fics and the show itself).
As far as things like the laws of physics, I tend to write with a show-like setting and thus ponies are tough as nails, but they aren't coming back from a jump into a volcano.

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And now it's submitted. As usual, one chapter at a time every few days is the plan.

Everything ficwise stalled for the last few weeks due to a focus on other things. I did get most of the outline done, however, and so the prolog and first chapter just need to be written up while I'm in a fic-writing mood.

How are things going?

I don't think you'd want to read the first chapter considering that you've probably already did.

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