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No real idea what I'm doing

I've put out several fics now and I think I've got the hang of making a story, but I'm quite sure I'm doing all sorts of things wrong. My stories won't catch you as immediately terrible, but I doubt they'll really shine as examples of great writing.
Any feedback on where I'm messing up is greatly appreciated, because right now I've pretty much only got downvotes to go off of, and they don't tell me very much except that a story as a whole is unpopular.

For those wondering what types of fics you can expect, generally I prefer making comedy, but I also will dabble in clop or drama, all using an overly-realistic approach to things in general, but especially bodily functions, sexuality, and death.
In essence, I like to write about the stuff the show implies but never shows and use it to good story effect. As should be obvious, the works of kudzuhaiku are a big influence on what I write.

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And now it's submitted. As usual, one chapter at a time every few days is the plan.

Everything ficwise stalled for the last few weeks due to a focus on other things. I did get most of the outline done, however, and so the prolog and first chapter just need to be written up while I'm in a fic-writing mood.

How are things going?

I don't think you'd want to read the first chapter considering that you've probably already did.

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