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Crazy fetishes, lots of creativity, and all-around a little weird and prone to going in deep.

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Aspiring Writer

I'm a little new to actually writing, but I've wanted to do it for a long time, as I've got a very active imagination. I do still mostly lurk and read fetish fics, though.

My fics probably will seem a bit random in terms of what idea I go with. I can be a little spontaneous and pretty much the one thing that's likely to become a common theme is that my stories take a very realism-based approach and thus won't spare you the unpleasant realities, in particular that everypony has bodily functions and sexual urges.
Put another way, if you put a mare and a stallion in a box for 24 hours, at the very least they'll fart, pee, get very hungry, and consider getting physical, and the story should justify how that's handled.
As far as things like the laws of physics, I tend to write with a show-like setting and thus ponies are tough as nails, but they aren't coming back from a jump into a volcano.

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I'm glad you agreed to this.

Okay, I'm quite happy to help.

It's OK. At least you helped me with some things I made some mistakes and didn't notice. I'm not really offended by that. Next time, I'll need you to proofread any of my stories before I publish them. That'll be a great help.

I aim to be constructive, sorry if it seemed overly critical.

I don't want anyone to correct me unless if they see some mistakes that I made and didn't notice. Thanks for noticing these and helped me with them, but I usually prefer to correct myself rather than being corrected because I can get offended. It depends on whether if those corrections are too constructive and criticized or not. I'm just telling you how I feel about being corrected by someone judging from how I'm doing something.

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