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You know the feeling.

You've been sitting at your computer (or laptop/device) for a beastly long time, and you reach up to rub at the back of your neck... Not because you are embarrassed by what can be found on your computer screen :facehoof:, but because that one... spot...

one infuriating, toothachingly... mind-numbing spot...


So, does your sitting posture at the computer or while operating your device really matter? Do stresses and strains affect your body differently depending on how you sit? How about how long you are sitting?

The name's Sparkle Cola. I am a physical therapist, and after asking a question on the Writer's Group and on the advice of one very Bad Dragon, I decided to start this group.

The mission of this group will be twofold: in our forums you can either
1) consult with myself and others about what to do for your painful neck, or back, or wrist... (or any other musculoskeletal condition, really)... or
2) consult with myself and others on how your story characters should react to injury and pain, and what they must do or how long it should take to get better.

As for stories? Will accept stories where your character must deal with injury or disability where such things if not a main plot are at least a sub-plot in your fiction.

As this is a new group as of 7/23/18, I don't have a bunch of rules put up yet. Everypony be nice, now!

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The character that I use as my profile pic, Boltsinger, is actually one who is based on all of the parts of me that I'm not all that fond of, so, naturally, he's got depression and anxiety. In him, that turned into someone who is jumpy and easily spooked. But the biggest premise of his story is the question of "how has friendship made your life better?". This led to a night and day difference between the character as he began and the one I'm writing now. However, even after all of that, he still has a plethora of issues he's constantly dealing with. In the long run, he's done leaps and bounds better than I could ever hope to. Partially because I've given him more than I ever had.
But I digress. That's just one example of a character dealing with mental health issues. I'd love to see more of them!

Agreed. The best authors really do bust their butts and do research. Studying those disorders and the like could only help, not only in writing, but for me personally, help me relate better with those patients who do struggle with such things.

Though I will say, the most common mental disorders that impacts my patients anxiety, fear, and depression. Those elements play such a huge role in how we perceive and adapt to challenges and problems. Those who struggle with anxieties, fears, and depression tend to catastrophize their pain and how pain and injury impacts their life. It leads to what we call Pain and Avoidance Behaviors, which then lead to further choices that cause more sedentary behavior, more inaction and more depression. Real life issues, man.

Excellent point. Honestly, when writing these kinds of mental problems, I think the best thing to draw from is experience. After all, everyone's experience with mental disorders is a unique one. And in the case of stuff you don't have genuine experience in, I suggest that rather than ask a psych expert and possibly overwhelm them, we do the research and come up with our own interpretation. After all, when you're writing a character well enough, they'll pretty much tell you how to write them.

I agree. Mental and emotional challenges are definitely a bread&butter of what we find in the fictions around here. So much so that anyone on here with a psych major or degree would likely be rather nervous about that coming out and being known, as they would be inundated with a landslide of queries and questions from the folks about this or that character and how they should portray OCD, Bipolar disorders, or paranoid schizophrenia problems.

Having said that somewhat tongue-in-cheek, I should add that those are massive challenges for those who deal with such problems and demons, and are nothing that should be made fun of or belittled. Indeed, having more understanding and less ignorance about issues such as those would be helpful for all of us.

If you want to know details on why I'm not feeling really well please PM me

Sorry to hear that. As for me, I'm feeling tired, but that's because it's 11:35 here, and it's time for me to get some shut-eye.

Hope the physical therapy you are just getting started on gives you some successful things to do. Work hard!

What's up with you? I not feel good, won't tell you why!

So far I've only had a little bit of one story where a character has an obvious injury, and I did devote a chapter to him adjusting. As for my own pain levels, I'll probably need some advice every now and then. For being 20 years away from senior citizenship, I've got more pain than some people twice my age.

Also, if you can snag people who are experts in mental health, I highly recommend it. If there's one thing I was able to work into my little story, it's mental issues. Although I did make all of the quirks of mine that I gave him make sense in world.

The fact that this group was made based off of the advice from Bad Dragon has me instantly skeptical, but I might as well keep an eye on it.
Thanks for the invite.

Oh, hey! Then we've already spoken... or rubbed shoulders... or shot the breeze?
What the hell is the internet vernacular for that?

Yes... And some people like me! Oh btw I'm the crazy cazadore, I changed my name cause Star Wars clone wars is getting a new season.

Sometimes in my profession, I wish I had more than college psych 111 and abnormal psych 342. My profession is physical therapy, but sometimes folks have bigger mental problems that have huge deleterious effects on the physical.

To answer your question - I really don't... But if there are any folks on fimfiction that have a profession than that they are welcome contact me if they would like to offer any support!

As an aside, there are quite a few of the main cast of mlp that could likely use some counseling, eh?

Do you do mental therapy as well?

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