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Weekly Announcement: Welcome to the group! Feel free to post and promote anything related to writing here.

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This is a sister group to The Insane Creators Guild which is a place for people to post and promote anything they want (even non-pony stuff).

This group focuses on the writing aspect of things.

It is a place to request an editor or offer editing services.

It is a place to request critiques or to give critiques.

It is a place to request comments or to give comments.

It is a place to get help with writing of all kinds from fellow group members.

Please try to stay on topic with writing and promote everything that has to do with writing (including OCs and cover art) here.

If you want to talk about whatever you want and promote whatever you want (even non-pony stuff) visit The Insane Creators Guild which is the sister site and is more of a free for all where you can do anything you like.

Read about the group rules here.

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Weekly Writing Prompt Winners:

The winners of the weekly writing prompt will have a link to their stories displayed here.

Weekly Writing Prompt #1 Winning Story: Sunset & The New Year’s Peacock by ajvasquezbrony28


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425571 I am mostly just getting some chores and errands done today. :)

What’s up with ya?

425553 It's good to have you here.

424103 Hello there. :)

422450 They are productive in the other group too. Just more random. XD

You mean the people here are actually productive? :trollestia:

422166 I know right? I decided to use it for this group since it does focus on writing after all. ;)

It's been a long time since I saw this name.

421847 Well I thought it was appropriate for a group about writing. :P

Hooray for the old group name! It’s been way too long.

415003 I am sure that you will be fine. :)

Okay, let's hope nobody gets all up in my face about my story promotions... again.

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