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I live for upvotes but I'd die for comments.

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Milepost · 5:07pm October 4th

Yep. No Nose Knows hit another milestone.

Which one, you ask?

Why, the most important out of all.

Word count! :twilightsmile:

I am now #4,967 on the site in word count! Cracked the top 5,000, yeah! :rainbowwild:

Here's to making it into the top 4,000 next!

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:pinkiehappy: Die for comments, not because of them!

And I may be acting just a bit melodramatic.:pinkiehappy:

Die for comments eh? Wait... Does that mean I've been killing you gently with word bullets?!? :pinkiegasp:

Note: trying to be funny late at night whilst tired doesn't work. :facehoof:

Hey Comrade I read up on what you wrote there, really thoughtful thanks! but I would like to clear out a few things, It is an alternative universe as what the tags suggested and I did stage this on earth, second of all I have my plot line down already, and most of all these pages I have wrote are all by myself, I just want the readers to be involved, if they wish to see certain things, I feel like its my obligation to make it happen, I understand the title, but I would like to make it more clear, and since the word 'fallout' earned me 6 down votes and a bunch of comments calling me out, so I made it longer than usual, Thanks for your review, we should talk about this. If your interested.

Steam name Soviet Pony (need OCs for book!)

thanks for the follow

Thanks for the follow!


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