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"Anything described can be described s'more." -the Lolly Family

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Well, I should have followed you ages ago. :twilightsmile:

*Gasp* :pinkiegasp:

Thanks for the follow!

And what you can is glorious ♡ :yay:

Irrespective you'r story brings a lot of smiles to many plagued people faces... Thanks :pinkiesad2:

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Here's the deal · 2:16am 6 hours ago

So if you happen to live in the United States, you've probably heard that employers are struggling to fill open positions.

This is true at my chosen place of employment as well, so it has been decreed that the overtime shall be unlimited until further notice.

While this is good news for my bank account, it's absolute murder on my writing time, so for the foreseeable future, I'm afraid the Bean Words will be sporadic at best.

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