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I live for upvotes but I'd die for comments.

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I do dare to follow you, and I appreciate the follow back! :yay:

Glad to hear you're enjoying the Nose series too! A Study in Stones is pretty good read (I blame Georg for that), Will You Dream is so-so, but whatever you do, don't read The Black Sheep. Seriously. It's bad.

I say now boy, I say now, you dare follow me? You come a waltzin' on up on my door front, sayin' sweet nothin's whiles I read your stories?


Really enjoyed the first Nose fic, and I'm currently on the second. Then I says I gotta see what other good things you gone done writ 'bout.

Have a well deserved follow reguardless.

You know, as stupid as it is, one of the things I appreciate most about 'Nose' is that the story stars an earth pony, and a stallion to boot. Few people seem to really like either, and I've seen at least one author (one behind one of those '-verse' series) make only the most minimal effort to hide their apparent disdain for both.

Thanks for the follow; right back at'cha!

  • Viewing 41 - 45 of 45
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The Day Youtube Died · 3:06am Yesterday

Where were you when YouTube died?

I was in my office, making edits to No Nose. I went to play some music to help inspire me.

There was no joy in Mudville this day. :fluttercry:

However, I was not the only one who was affected. Akira Dragonborne was rereading Chapter 5 of No Nose, and found a sneaky reference to Lord of the Rings. However, since YouTube was dead, there was no hope of adding a clip.

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Report Irrespective · 315 views · Story: No Nose Knows · #LoTR
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