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This story is a sequel to Pregnant Noses Know

Princess Celestia and Baked Bean, after a nearly year-long wait, are now the proud parents of a healthy unicorn colt. Naturally, little Apollo Bean will receive nothing but the finest as he begins his own princely journey, but babies always have their own set of unique issues, and Celestia will find another new life waiting for her as she integrates motherhood into her already busy schedule.

Elsewhere, the Kingdom of Equestria moves on as well. Chrysalis continues to be Chrysalis—much to Sergeant Hokey Pokey's chagrin—Trixie continues in her new role as Baked Bean's secretary while Miss Wysteria and Sergeant Quillpoint take time to work on their relationship and to take care of their brand-new twins, Twilight Sparkle begins teaching Starlight Glimmer about the magic of friendship after several world-ending events, and even Prince Blueblood finds much to accomplish upon returning from Yakyakistan.

But while forgotten friends and new adventures await, Baked Bean and Celestia know that, come what may, they will enjoy all of the ups and downs together...

As a family.

Edited by Georg, Double R Forrest, Tek, and Sipioc

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-glaring at Starlight- I swear to Ra Glimmer if you retgone lil Apollo, we gon have words. Words like “banishment”, “solar fire” and/or “Daybreaker”

But aside from that, PRECIOUSNESS!

“Forgive Trixie for being a naysayer, but Discord becoming a father is just as likely as me becoming a mother,” Trixie replied. “It’ll never happen.”

“Never say never,” Lima replied in a knowing tone.

Plot line! :pinkiecrazy:

“I will do everything in my power to make it so,” Blueblood replied. “Though, I must say it is a shame that your granddaughter could not accompany us. I do hope she will be able to come soon.”

Horwitz nodded. “Yona good yak, but still young. Needs to grow more. Maybe Yona can come visit.”

Good sir, you have teased me with Best Yak. You had best not disappoint. I still have contacts at Fort Benning...

An amazing start to a new story I've been anticipating for a while now.

Welcome to the newest bean sprout.

A new story!

I've never bean so happy!

Well hellooooo there! I've been waiting for the continuation of one of my favorite fluff sagas for ages! Glad to see it arrive! :yay:

Yeessssssss today is a good day!

The Bean words are back, and they’re just as amazing as before.

It's good to have you back. Also with how Prince Blueblood is behaving do you think he could try again with Rarity?


More like we have Apollo *because* of Glimglams Flimflam with the wibbly-wobblies of time.

The little spud is sure to be a fountain of fun. He just needs a little encouragement and training, that’s all. I do hope Celestia added those chaos theory classes I mentioned to his schedule.”

Apollo is gonna have an Interesting upbringing :trollestia:

“I didn’t say anything about Fluttershy,” Trixie dryly replied with a bob of her eyebrows.

I am Trixie in this scene :trollestia:

This is where the fun begins!

It can be amazing what a few(thousand) words can do to someponies mod. Reading this heartwearming chapter was just the thing I needed.:twilightsmile:

More Bean fluff, let's do this! I wonder how long it will be before Chryssi realizes she's turning sparkly.

Vin Diesel will be happy to hear the word 'family' in every chapter.

YES foals all around for the win.
The Great and Gravid Trixie
Chrysalis and the grub
And not to forget the sweet and delicate voice of Sgt, Barricade, Flutters mother. DISCORD !!!

A few years into the future: we had to invent words like daybreak and angerfire after somebody hurt apollo

“Forgive Trixie for being a naysayer, but Discord becoming a father is just as likely as me becoming a mother,” Trixie replied. “It’ll never happen

Saying things like that is the quickest way to find yourself named Eris’ godmother, Trixie. :trollestia:

Dissy would do it, too. :yay:

This is one of the best series on this site. Bean following it for years (ha)!

Hey, should have issued a blogpost update.
I had no idea it was live from my feeds, I completely ignore the front page and accidentally clicked it and did a double take from the back button when I saw 'noses'

Indeed I should have. My bad.
I'll be better about that in the future. :twilightsheepish:

I'm just happy to see Glimmy!

Starlight messing with time is why they got a colt. :pinkiegasp:

Great chapter. It's good to have are bean Boi back

Woot I'm so excited to dive back into the world of our dear Bean and company again. Great first chapter and I'm eager for many more!!

The Beans are baaaaack! I love this story series so much. I cannot wait for more.

And the saga continues....

I was looking at some postings that was trying to entice me when lo and behold I saw this title...

So the Beans are back and we thy fans are eager for MOAR chapters! Please do not disappoint us. :fluttershysad:

Most likely.
Also, :yay: More Bean words!!!

You had me at “Noses.” As late to the party as I was for the first installment, I’m very much looking forward to following this one as it grows.

I always say there is no such thing as late to the Bean party. Happy to have you along for the ride! :yay:

“Forgive Trixie for being a naysayer, but Discord becoming a father is just as likely as me becoming a mother,” Trixie replied. “It’ll never happen.”

Please tell me this is an Anarchyverse reference?

Sad. Jus the fact that a Fimfiction universe exists with Anarchy and Celeste, Discord and Trixie's children is just hilarious to me.

Great chapter. Luna and Celestia will be livid to learn Glimmer try unto the Pony that allowed for NMM cleansing and Bean to become Celestias husband.
Especially after Apollos birth so recently...

“Forgive Trixie for being a naysayer, but Discord becoming a father is just as likely as me becoming a mother,” Trixie replied. “It’ll never happen.”

She just jinxed herself didn't she.

So Trixie… who would be good for her?

I recall one story somewhere that had an idea of her and Starswirl that was interesting small take.

The draconequus trailed off as he took a good look at Apollo, who whimpered a bit and wiggled before settling back down. A deeply contemplative look came over him, and for what was probably the first time in his existence, it seemed like Discord had nothing to say.

Oh dear lord. Someone who has more power than Fluttershy has just entered the playing field. Celestia AND Luna help anyone who causes undue problems for the lad.

Just base on the picture makes me wonder the child isn’t going to act normal as a new born rather it would be like he would be acting older since there seems to be a lot of mentions of Celestia being bigger then everyone that her son would be way bigger then a normal foal.

Like won’t be surprising to every pony the kid starts to act more like a 5+ year old and causing the parents chaos of being different

“I’ve never held a newborn before,” Discord whispered. “I don’t want to break him.”

"It's alright if you drop them, they're remarkably hard to kill." -Born of Fury
But yes that was very sweet moment :twilightsmile:

Princess Luna fought to keep her face impassive as she marched towards the main hangar of the palace. To be sure, the business with Starlight Glimmer was serious—though she did not yet know what the business even was—

Random thought :pinkiecrazy:
Glimmer walks into the Royal library and walks up to the librarian on duty, "Are there any spells about time travel? I need to undo history."
Librarian looks up, "Starlight Glimmer, I can say with absolute authority that that is the worst dicision you could make."
Glimmer, "You don't know what I plan to do. Wait how did you know my name?"
Librarian, "You asked a librarian about time travel and yet you are confused that I have studied it?"
Glimmer, "...Maybe you're right about the time travel."
Librarian, "I am. Might I suggest a different approach to solving your issues with cutie marks? Perhaps some couples' therapy?"
Glimmer "I'M NOT- wait what do mean 'couples' therapy?"
Librarian, "Have a nice day Miss Glimmer."

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