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Your Twilight Sparkle ran into a problem and needs to restart. We’re just collecting some error info, and then we’ll restart for you. 

As Seen on Equestria Daily!

With special thanks to Georg for beta testing and debugging services.

Quality Control team:
Zen and Ponies

Chinese localization provided by Miracle_
Korean localization provided by Ad Hoc
Russian localization provided by GrandCat

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That last part was a win and a DOH!

Comment posted by Illi deleted Sep 18th, 2020

Well, Twilight has a major bug, then, huh?

And that was a... Story. Interesting story, and funny.

But really now, they need to upgrade Twilight some more, so something like this does not happen again.:twilightblush:

Illi #4 · Sep 18th, 2020 · · ·

AlicornOS is such a bother. Have to do a complete restart for every update.

Corrupted boot sectors are a major purple pain. Glad to see she could be restored.

Just wish Faust would stop with those mandatory system-updates. Just got used to the last system and suddenly she changes everything again.

True. One of those blasted updates caused a crash. Fortunately, it only took a few days to restore instead of what happened here.

I saw a cyan screen of death

Ri2 #9 · Sep 18th, 2020 · · ·

I don't suppose Rarity gets to keep some of the add-ons, or will she be downgraded back to her last save?

I... ok. :twilightoops:

Yutah123_comprehension.exe has stopped working

"Wat" has caused the program to stop. Please provide one (1) cuddly Twilight and restart the program to resolve.

This was amazing. You just took the one joke and pushed it to its absolute limit.

If Twilight was a Windows device, she wouldn't be ready to go out of the box. You'd have to download all the drivers and stuff all over.

‘E-Z Speed Reed’

That makes no sense in Britain or Australia, since we say "zed".
You could pull a Video Ezy, and add a 'y', though.

I only see one issue with this...

Needs. A. Sequel.


Which will take up 69% of the storage space, 57% of the RAM, and tank her MPS (Magika Per Second) usage rate

That's why I prefer macOS; a much simpler and more intuitive system, with a superior GUI and folder explorer (stuff isn't as cluttered in Finder, and it has native tab support!)

Lastly...what kind of system is PINKIE running?

OS/2 Warp. Totally. :rainbowlaugh:
I'd also say, in regards to 10440146, that the joke actually gets reinforced by that. F&F Software is shady enough that they wouldn't bother with translations for overseas territories, so the app name wouldn't make sense. :)
That would explain why she crashed so quickly out of the box...
Well, I did have a good code base to work from. :)
With Twilight's OS being so unstable, Rarity probably should keep the upgrades, just in case. :twilightsmile:
Those are far too common, I fear. I see them all the time too. :(

just hit CTRL+ALT+DEL, she'll be fine

Actually that's when your Rainbow Dash has stopped working.

As someone who's trying to teach myself IT, I found this story rather enjoyable. Well done

.... I knew I should've taken computer languages back in College....

Why didn't they try to turn her off and back on again to see if it fix the problem?

The issue that it tends to be pricey, runs on exclusive hardware and sometimes elitist.


Which explains the Canterlot aristocrats like Jet Set and Upper Crust...


Does Twilight run on SQL?

Amusing, especially as I named my computer Twilight. :twilightsmile:

RP422 #30 · Sep 18th, 2020 · · 2 ·

As a software dev with a bachelor's in CS, I feel terribly obligated to comment here.

First off, debugging doesn't quite work like that. To properly debug, they'd have to restart Twilight and make her crash again, watching the code execute while it happens... Which then totally explains why the problem wasn't fixed. I'll let that slide then, but Sunbutt and Moonbutt have lost all respect as technicians. They never even asked Rarity what was happening when she crashed!

Also, it's "fatal exception", not "fatal exemption".

Yeah, I figured anyone who actually does IT / CS stuff for a living would read this and then go "but that's not how it works!" one they got done.

I'll go with the excuse that AlicornOS is one messed up operating system, so you can't troubleshoot it the normal way. That's why there's only five known copies of the program. :twilightsmile:

And in fairness, Rarity did tell the Princesses what was happening when Twilight crashed. It's not their fault that Rarity wasn't paying attention. :)

Check the hard drives. If they're fine, then try defragment of the horn. Helps things load faster.

You had me howling at the appearance of thio
Gateway box.

For those who weren’t techies in the 90’s, I’m referring to the box with cow spots.

I can't believe when Applejack was mentioned, you didn't make a joke about Apple devices.

I thought about it, but I figured it would be for the best to avoid mentioning any real-life companies. I've noticed that it tends to break the reader's immersion into the story when I do.

That, and I couldn't figure out how to get the joke to work. :)
It's an AU I just made up. Fun thing is, I had to go look up what most of that technobabble meant myself. :twilightsheepish:
You got the reference!
I'm so happy. :yay:

Good grief Rarity...

Bad Twilight, don't install shady 3rd party software!
Do like no they haven "Boop Sequence" instead of a Boot Sequence

Yeah, I got lost in the technobabble, too, but I did get some of the references.

What admin password did I use?” Celestia sat in front of Twilight and grabbed both of her former student's ears. “Maybe it was up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right…”

It's always the Konami Code. Without fail. Though for Twi, if there was ANY hope of having some extra security, it should've been "B00K$4M3!" :derpytongue2:

10440270 And AlicornOS has been tweaked to the limits for each of the alicorns in question. Luna runs all of the DreamScape extensions and troubleshoots on Twitter at @RoyalNightShift while Celestia is overclocked to the limit of her cooling system, even with the larger chassis and increased carb intake. Cadence runs absolutely none of the security in the operating system (and what can you expect from somebody who named their home WiFi router 'ComeOnInThePasswordIsLove') and her daughter has serious memory management issues from running oversized wing modules in conjunction with BigEyes. Twilight presents a unique challenge because most of her core features are written at machine-language level, resulting in astonishing performance at the penalty of flexibility, although she did manage to code the 'Friendship' module so tightly that she still managed to have space for AlicornOS in her original chassis, so that's saying something.

All of that setup just for . .

Now, before you ask, let me answer your question: does this mean Twilight is an android? The answer is: certainly not.

She’s definitely a Windows device. :)

this . .

10440255 Dual degrees in CS and IS here, with 32 years of network management and hardware maintenance, although that sounds better than 'guy in charge of a dozen or so servers out of several thousand and sets up laptops too' which is my real job. I'm still waiting for flying cars, but at least we have flying ponies. With seat belts.

Well, that was the weirdest Friendship is Optimal offshoot I've ever seen. :raritywink:

And really, Rarity, you couldn't have made a backup before introducing the very same issue that made her lock up last time?

Brilliantly mad stuff. Thank you for it.

The ending reminds me of the mattress sketch from Monty Python's Flying Circus.

Probably a bit obscure for most these days, but…

Windows device indeed. You'd think she'd recognize Flim & Flam's hooves in that app but apparently faster reading wins over that. Gotta get that anti virus software updated Twilight.

Don't use Horse Norton either. Never get anything done.

“I wouldn’t think it was a hardware issue since she has been an alicorn for such a short period. Is she still under warranty?”

Maybe you can return her and get either an exchange model or your money back.

It appears Twilight recently installed an unlicensed, third-party app called ‘E-Z Speed Reed’ from F&F Software. It’s a unicorn app, which created a conflict with the wing drivers, and that’s what got her stuck.

At least enable compatibility mode next time.
Also, I don't think you should trust this company with anything.

“There we go. Thank you, Derpy. I believe Spikey-Wikey is making some muffins in the kitchen, if you’d like one.”

It seems the Twilight Sparkle language pack just had an glitch.

She’s definitely a Windows device. :)

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

I have snorted.

Nicely done. :3

She’s definitely a Windows device. :)

We’re fyayed. Also, everyone in this story should never work in tech support again.

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