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This story is a sequel to Off The Mark

Prince Mark Wells may now be an alicorn and the coruler of Equestria along with Twilight Sparkle and his wife, Trixie Lulamoon, but that doesn't mean that his life has gotten boring. Something always comes up, whether he wants it or not! Good or bad, as an immortal, he knows he'll be stuck with these incidents for a very long time.

This is a series of short stories that are sequels to "Off The Mark". Chapters may be published out of sequence but placed in the correct timeline.

Written in collaboration with Airy Words.

Cover art by Foxenawolf.

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It's back!


This only stopped when a staff-wielding Zecora entered the Throne Room and dressed down the stallion in the melodic tones of her native tongue. Her rhyming was complex and went on for several minutes. Rather than waiting for a rebuttal, the shaman held her staff out in front of her, dropped it at the ambassador’s hooves, turned around, and marched out the way she came.

Mic-drop :trollestia:

“Just one scroll?” I asked with a smirk.

I am Mark in this scene :ajsmug:

“I’ll bring my largest saddlebags.” Penny jerked her head toward the double-doors that held back the petitioners. “Now if you two lovebirds are too busy planning to preside over Day Court, Chrysalis and I could take over and—”

Now wouldn't that be fun :trollestia:

Back in her suite, a certain alabaster alicorn munched on her candy stash as she watched the fun through her scrying glass. She giggled before lighting up her horn and another mournful triple howl reverberated throughout the castle.

Ah, I was wondering where she was :trollestia:

Loved the Scooby-Doo reference. :) :heart::heart:

Haven't even read the first chapter yet and I'm pre-emptively following and liking this story. I know I'm going to love it that much.

Sequel time :yay: Thanks to Fimfiction and Goldfur 2020 isn't a total bust :twilightsmile:

it may be a little late but dam this is a grate short.

Beautyful chapter. Wholesome and weaponized cuteness :rainbowkiss::yay:

Celestia the prank master :rainbowlaugh:

Its kinda sad the most of us never get any event on Halloween :applecry: Very delightful to read about one :raritystarry:

Beautyful sequel start Goldfur :pinkiehappy:

What the smell coming from the bathroom ( littleshy joke)

Celestia lets rip cos Luna gets double booked and she gets leftovers?:trollestia:

Havent read yet but OMG that picture is adorable!

Seeing as this is up on the featured board “off the mark” is either soon to follow OR is probably already in the hot list

Twilight took it upon herself to permanently change his stripes to rainbow hues

As a happy side note, the zebra later became a spokespony for an Equestrian gum company, who in a fit of creative genius made the gum wrappers (temporarily) cover the chewers snoot in similar stripes when applied to the nose with a bit of water (or drool).

So, apparently I'd be a Griffon in Mark's version of Equestria - because sardine shaped choc fudge, licorice strings and glaced jerkey made me want a package. :rainbowlaugh:

This was a sweet chapter for this dark and dreary season. :twilightsmile:

He should remember to take a couple of Scooby Snacks

Also, Cerberus could be sleeping calmly " "And would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for you meddling ponies"

Wonderful find, wonderful chapter. Somehow, I missed it when ya posted this. Sure helped on my way to and from the doctor today.

You're a wonder, Goldfur. A wonderful wonder.

Tia, never change.

I wish there were Halloween festivals like this in Australia :P

Trollestia strikes again! :trollestia:

Hehe, it's pretty fantastic what level of production you can get away with with a family of that size...

Congrats on completing Off The Mark! That's quite an achievement. If this site had something similar to steam achievements then I'd say less than 5% of it's users would have it.

loud appreciative applause from this direction

Absolutely wonderful, Goldfur! Better than the Demons this season!

Thank you so much!

Quite an interesting chapter here Goldfur, I'm glad to be able to read your stories as they open 🎶A world of pure Imagination!🎶

Ivana swallowed her mouthful of ruby and stared at him. “They grow these on farms?! This world is amazing!” She then popped the remaining half of the ruby into her mouth and masticated it thoughtfully.

yes, i've read some fan-stories where "rock farmers" MAKE gems using earth-pony magic...
BUT in Estee's stories, they keep it secret from everyone else.

Grab at least 6 gems girls.

A most MAGNIFICENT CHAPTER :raritystarry::pinkiehappy:
I wonder what i would be? My favorit race is Changelings since they can become anything and are practicaly the perfect lovers as emotivores. ♡
Symbiotic mutual benefishal relationship :yay:

Better not. To mutch attention. Its not worth being denied Equestria for 6 pretty rocks.
Indeed a rare treat. To see a sequel following?
Brilliant :coolphoto:
Endless possibilitys. Since the main story is over i wonder if he get slice of life and comedic instead of life or death adventures.
Equestria benefits greatly from Earth. I wonder how mutch Technology is transfered to Equestria by now.
Electro cars might be ineffectiv but in a magic world?
Also there interdimension allys share tech... Earth better dont fuck up ones they get to join the Alliance of World across dimensional barriers.

Melbourne AFL team. Goldfur's a Demons fan, I lean to the Bombers.

They might let them. Or at least 1 each. Or a rly small piece.

Chrysalis said, “What my husband failed to mention is his inability to stay out of other ponies’ business and thwarting their plans."

"Why, he thwarted me twice last night. It was wonderful" she purred.

Any time a comment make soda squirt out my nose, it gets an upvote! :pinkiehappy:

Flim and Flam’s expertise at pulling off scams gave them a sixth sense when it came to ferreting out crooked deals. Plus, I believe they got a kick out of their new job.

Well yeah, scamming the scammers just proves you're a better scammer :trollestia:

The changeling smirked. “And miss out on watching you panic while you try to figure out a solution?”

Yeah, there is no way they two of you would ever miss out on that :pinkiecrazy:

She looked at my face and said, “Oh, wow! You actually look handsome over here!” Trixie and Twilight leaned against one another in support as they whinnied with unrestrained laughter.

I am Trixie and Twilight in this scene :trollestia:

The gravity-defying fountain on the ceiling made our visitors’ jaws drop, as it did most newbies to this room.

Heh, rookies :ajsmug:

Latisha looked thoughtful. “So, if I wanted to find a boyfriend here, there would be plenty of rivals?”

Why do you sound excited about that? :trixieshiftright:

These replies tell me our friends and allies can accommodate us.” My smile showed all of my teeth. “Looks like tomorrow will be an… interesting day.”

Wonderful :pinkiecrazy:

Ah, the joys of the next generation ... Only one way to find out if they can handle responsibility, give them some and see what happens (with a good weather eye on them) ... :scootangel:

The siren and dragon thing make sense. Also I knew something like this was gonna happen. I just knew it.

All of my 'yes' for a update ♡

How wide is this sequel in the future? 1-5-10 years from the main storys epiloge?

Love the art pieces

Torch had a way of stopping all other conversations . “I may answer your thousand questions another time, little pony. But first...” He leaned down to the still-shivering Ivana. I only now realized that she hadn’t rushed up to Latisha as everyone else had done. “What about you, little dragon? You have nothing to fear… as long as you don’t steal from a dragon’s hoard.” P uffs of smoke escaped his nostrils. “In fact, would you like a tour? I haven’t shown mine to anyone since Mark’s purple-maned herdmate was here a few months back.”

P - needs to be edited.

I'm surprised she throw the chance of a lifetime away. More so that Mark let em leave with there knownlage intact. After how Mark treated Sunset Shimmer i expected Chrysalis whiping there memorys and subtil giving mind suggestions never to approach em again.

I guessed its incident start but not its end. Showing remorse just to create problems later on.

Also i suspected she was smart enough to hide it inside her body. Overestimated her IQ.

Quite an interesting chapter here Goldy. And so one of Yolanda's friends got greedy and betrayed her and broke the rules while earning nothing but shame and humiliation when trying to get revenge. :trollestia:

Will as always wait for more chapters as they come. ;3

Well, if Ivana had stored the pearls in her mouth, she would have likely popped and chewed them unintentionally. Ever tried to just lick a Breathsaver mint in your mouth for an hour without giving in to the temptation of hearing that satisfying crunch?

As for the other places she could have hid them...ahhh... Goldfur and I are trying to keep the Porn tag off of these short stories. :rainbowlaugh:

Didn't think hinting but not specifically mention it would be fine. Guess i was wrong? Anyway that explained why she didn’t do that...

Than again don't think the pearls are flawless so ouch...

Most importantly i wonder... What will Mark plan to do in case not to savery nation/- organisation try to enter. While im sure its easy enough to simply blocking entry its not nessecary save from getting stolen?
Perhaps a secondary offical gate mirror is in order wile the main gate is not revealed. Problem is the brat ones Mark uncovers Equestrias existance.
Still think that girl needs a good mind wipe or at least mental restriction put on her not to blab out later...

The Nations will mostly so i guess play nice knowing they can't mess with one (non to mention multible Alliance of universes) Equestrias. There is always a exception but a good example of all other nations ganging up on that one unlucky regime and nation should make it a one time only thing.

Any plans on space exploration i wonder... There are quite a few gems i found on Fimfiction on that topic...

Ivana was the equivalent, but not the duplicate, here of Diamond Tiara? At least she got stopped, so far, but depends how therapy etc proceeds, as long as being a Dragon/Siren, she doesnt end up Riply? :twilightoops:

Wonder if given the difficulties of targeting a given universe, never mind a single planet etc within it, that the portal spells can use a differential function, like differential GPS uses a beacon fixed to the ground to offer far higher acuracy to relative targeting than the recieved accuracy of the signal, so that a second main portal could be placed on an island, and other portals to the moon and other places of intrest, such as ranged exploration?:trixieshiftright:

Hmmm... I would suggest having Ivana spend an hour with Sally, alone. Then, an hour with Penny. Then, a half-hour with Rarity. Top it off with an hour with Trixie. If she can't learn her lesson from those four ladies, she ain't gonna.

I'm sure Yolanda and Laticia will come out of this better than ever, but I highly doubt they will be bringing any friends over until after they graduate college. Same with Miguel. Safer that way.

I tip my hat in the general direction of you again for another well-done chapter. Now, if only I can do half as well.


Flim and Flam’s expertise at pulling off scams gave them a sixth sense when it came to ferreting out crooked deals. Plus, I believe they got a kick out of their new job.

Well yeah, scamming the scammers just proves you're a better scammer :trollestia:

Same principle works with computer hackers.
What matters in the end, however, is how ethical they are. :trollestia:

Well bummer. And that Spike Ivana ship crashed faster then Coasta Concordia

yep this is not going to be the last we hear of this.
a grate chapter for a awesome story.

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