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I'm a science-fiction and fantasy buff, creator of the Chakat Universe, and now dabbling in the MLP:FiM universe. I love a good story!



Mark Wells was a klutz, but even he could not imagine stumbling into a mirror that he had just bought at an antique store and ending up in a world of colorful equines, not to mention gaining hooves and wings at the same time. And whoever heard of green fur on a horse? Perhaps the great and powerful Princess that the guard was taking him to would have some answers because he sure didn't!

An alternative version of canon events with humorous twists. Written in collaboration with Airy Words.

Cover art by Mix-up and their DeviantArt account is Amalgamzaku.

Book One: Chapters 1–33
Book Two: "Further Off The Mark": Chapters 34–69
Book Three: "On The Mark": Chapters 70–100

Sex tag added as of chapter 32 but it's mostly due to talk. Actual sex takes place "off camera".

Chapters (100)
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auto liked! your stuff is great!

“In the name of the Magnificent and Powerful Empress Trixie, I order you to answer me!” the creature said irritably, moving the point of his spear closer to my face.

Wut? Empress??
Very interesting. Please proceed. :twilightsmile:

Anyone who has ever been in one as often as I had will recognize it for what it was irrespective of what country you visit.

(I always giggle when I see this word.) :yay:

Interesting just wondering what mirror I stumbled through with Empress Trixie

Then I caught sight if the palace.


Edit: I saw the picture over on dA earlier, so I came and checked your page here, and I was like "what new story?" :derpytongue2:

Maybe I should have said "new story in the works". :derpytongue2:

“ I am the Great and Powerful Trixie, Duchess of Canterlot, Princess of Equestria, Queen of the Sun and the Moon, and Empress of the Equian Empire. Who are you? WHO ARE YOU?! ”

I think you might wanna change the word on the window Trixie :trixieshiftright:

Trixie frowned but continued. “Why were you intruding in a security area of the palace, Well Marked, and are you responsible for the disappearance of the alicorns?”

Wait, what ?

Oh... I like where this is going. Please, proceed. :twilightsmile:

“Sorry – I just can’t this too seriously. Mark Wells is my name, Your Blowhardiness.”

I think you might have meant 'cant take this too seriously, Goldy.

Trixie and humility always kills me, this looks like the beginning of something Greatly And Powerfully Entertaining.

Now this is something I haven't read before ,Im just as confused as Mark :rainbowhuh: :rainbowderp: xD I hope to see more of this~

Well, this is an interesting new take on a human-turned-pony story! This looks like it's gonna be good! Adding to tracking.

My only complaint is the F-bomb in the middle of the chapter. Look, I get it; Mark is shocked, and pretty much everybody would have mostly the same reaction in his position. But it could probably be expressed a little less profanely, in my opinion.


But it could probably be expressed a little less profanely, in my opinion.

You're right, but I did feel that it was one of those moments where only the strongest oath would do. I won't be using it again though.

Got it.

Still a good story so far, though. I'm actually working on my own take on the "human-turned-pony" genre. Although mine is, admittedly, a little more serious in tone than this one.

Also, I love the cover art. :)

Oddly enough, I conceived this story as a serious one also after reading one too many poor takes on the HiE scenario. Then I decided that I was tired of writing serious stuff and started aiming for humor instead. That's harder than the serious works though, so I hope I pull it off! :pinkiegasp:

More art of our hapless hero to come!


You can't see that I'm making finger quotes with my hooves because I have hooves and not fingers or claws, but if I was a dragon, I'd be totally making those right now. :derpytongue2:

Humility :facehoof:
Ok, you win, good comedy, fun intriguing plot for a change. I'm following!

I haven't read it yet, but I usually enjoy your stories, even when I disagree with some content. Looking forward to seeing where this goes.


"air quotes", if you want a term that applies equally well to any species.

Interesting story so far another alternate reality story, I wonder how Trixy took over Equestestria and it doesn't seem that she had the alicorn amulet and somehow managed to get the power of Celestia and Luna, did she get the staff way before the storm king did?

9080317 Found a typo there at the end

“First thing you do with the mirror is admire your bod,”

Saw the picture on the site's main page and just KNEW it was a new Goldfur story! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: Instant Fave!

The only complaint I have is that you've forgotten that equines still have what we would know as "middle fingers and toes".

Is this a shared universe with any of your other stories? If so, which?

It's (as far as I know) kind of a "guy thing", though more in the "dudebro" category of guys. Another example of its use would be something like "Dude, check out this sweet bod." Usually it refers to their muscles. It's stupid, but it is a thing. :facehoof:

I have so many questions... Guess I'll just have to track this and see where it goes!

Mark certainly seems to like to claim this is still a hallucination, despite it being logically impossible for a hallucination to be that vivid. More likely he's in denial, and who can blame him?

As for Empress Trixie...given her last line, it seems Mark's entrance may have somehow changed something in the fundamental way things are supposed to be, so some regular showpony is suddenly thrust into the position of the Empress of Equestria, and wondering why the hell she's there.

9080999 No unless Mark took an extremely long time to transition its highly unlikely he had anything to do with the disappearance of Alicorns.. We've had time for them to vanish and Trixie to settle in as Empress and I can't imagine all the nobles taking that readily when they could try for power themselves

Congrats on making it to the top spot in the feature box! :)

9080999 You see that all the time in fanfictions.

It works when it's a little kid thrust into a situation that seems right out of a storybook or cartoon, or if it's a chronic drug addict who thinks he's having a bad trip; but one would think that, ostensibly, a 'normal' adult, while initially incredulous, would quickly realize he or she must be in a physical location regardless of the oddity of it all.

My main question is, how did Worst Pony end up in charge? :trixieshiftright:


a really good start to a story that i can tell is going to be vary interesting.

Empress Trixie kind of blind sided me i never saw it coming and it ran me over like a truck. :trixieshiftright:

Mark has been conscious and cognizant of his situation for only about half an hour – he'll be convinced he's not imagining this VERY soon.

The bizarre answer to that next episode. :derpytongue2:

Did I? It was climbing up the list when I went to bed, and it was at the number 3 spot when I checked in the morning. Still there, to my amazement.

I can only imagine a Pegasus flipping a middle feather. How would a pony do it? 🤔

An excellent start to a story, very much interested to see where this is heading. The trixie thing was a surprise to me as well, however this:

are you responsible for the disappearance of the alicorns?

...got my attention. Now I'm eager to see what will happen and what had happened, clever play Goldfur.
Keep up the good work, if you don't mind.

Too small for a horse – maybe a pony would be more accurate.

How would you know that without anything to compare to, though? I'd imagine everything around there would be tot he same scale as the people who made it. I'd rather think he'd notice the proportions being too stocky for a horse :unsuresweetie:

Ponies pulling ponies? Sure! Why not? This hallucination didn’t have to make sense, after all.

It's not that odd. You got humans pulling/carrying humans as well. I refer you to rickshaws, sedan chairs, palanquins and the lot.

The inside of the palace was just as impressive as the outside, and I have to say that I loved the stained glass windows.




Get out. :ajbemused:

“I am the Great and Powerful Trixie, Duchess of Canterlot, Princess of Equestria, Queen of the Sun and the Moon, and Empress of the Equian Empire. Who are you? WHO ARE YOU?!”

Me? I'm Not Impressed :facehoof:

When my vision cleared, the unicorn mare herself stood on the dais, her barrel draped in a purple cape emblazoned with stars.

Pffhah. She isn't even an alicorn like her stained glass depiction.

Trixie frowned but continued. “Why were you intruding in a security area of the palace, Well Marked, and are you responsible for the disappearance of the alicorns?”

Well allrighty then :trixieshiftright:

Not sure why you didn't just go for "Marked Well" there... don't see much point in reversing the name :unsuresweetie:


Me? I'm Not Impressed :facehoof:

Hi there Not Impressed, we'll get you registered for an ID.

Well, there's always the L'Ombrello gesture they could do, although it's Italian, not Greek :rainbowwild:

why Trixie, just why Trixie. I take an alicorn Rarity of trixie.

Trixie and humble only belong in the same sentence in the context of stating that they DO NOT Belong in the Same SENTENCE]. :rainbowlaugh:

It's always a unspoken rule to admire yourself once you obtained a full-length mirror! This is a surprising start! You're doing great!

so wait is this set in a alternate universe or did no one want the job and Trixie bragged her way to the top in the absence of princess?

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