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This story is a sequel to A Very Batty Hearth's Warming

The small village of Nocturnis is growing, things are peaceful, the magical dome to protect the town is close to completion, the train is once more working to connect to the rest of Equestria and Princess Luna is coming to visit. Things are looking good for Prince Page!

He really should have known better than that.

Cover image by DALL-E AI.

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Holy shit new Page content!!!! Woooooohoooooo! Instafavorite!!!! Cant wait to binge it on completion XD


LOCATION: Story description.

The small village of Nocturnis is growing is growing, things are peaceful, the magical dome to protect the town is close to completion, the train is once more working to connect to the rest of Equestria and Princess Luna is coming to visit. Things are looking good for Prince Page!

He really should have known better than that.

Correction: Extra Words.

Nocturnis is growing

And now for something completely different.


Great to see the story continuing. And only one error in chapter, impressive.

It was only right to invite them. They did pay for most of this in any case, every single of the obelisks making up the shield domes were imported from the Crystal Empire.

Correction: every single one of the obelisks

Looking glass, hmmm?

Let's see what's through the looking glass, shall we?

And we’re off to a good start, way too good.
Let’s see what our writer has in store for Page and the rest in this installment.
And the Titel, doesn’t really spread confidence that there are good things waiting. (And the direct warning in the story notes might help with the assessment. )

Great to see you are back, now, what disaster awaits us this time?

“No,” I answered, “”But I want to see at least a few of them before we pull the lever.”

For some reason, that line makes me want the scene where he does pull the lever to be an "Emperor's New Groove" trapdoor gag.


Woo hoo! No cover art though? Someone go poke Sipioc with a commission stick.


Well, if anything good came of this in the end, it was ready access to barbecue. Even if most recipes were Griffin so far from natural reasons. Still, we were getting better at it. Some of the spices we found so far were really great.

I think that 'resources' would be a better word for that sentence there.

Some 50 years from now
"And that's how these noble houses have fallen from grace, for being a bunch of horrible racists and driving Princesses Husband away from Canterlot, any questions?"
"Yes, what do they do now?"
"I believe one has taken up being a miserable drunk while another has built a cardboard box mansion and has become the lord of the slums"

Page... :facehoof: Sometimes I wonder about you when you try to Summon Murphy to take interest in your life & actions.

But can't even worry about that cause Hiver you Magnificent Bastard you got a new series up and running! And also as always:


It is back

Entering, I headed up the ramp towards the throneroom where I was promptly ambushed. For a split second I suspected treachery, but it was even worse.

Starlight Glimmer and a stack of paperwork.

So so much worse than treachery :trixieshiftleft:

Everyone knows to not poke the artist with a stick, you might lose an arm.

Yes, that's the joke the story itself already made.

I was SO CLOSE to finish the series again...well I guess chapter 70 of Welcome to the Jungle is good enough...cool stuff here!!

My hype is rising! It’s overflowing!

For a split second I suspected treachery, but it was even worse.

Starlight Glimmer and a stack of paperwork.

Page: *looking at the 1st document* :trixieshiftright:Hmm I stand corrected. There is treachery but the predictable kind. Angel Bunny is asking me for my surrender again.This pawprint using red berries is a nice touch..

Starlight: :ajsmug:Dont worry. I informed him you'll engage him in trench warfare at midnight by the river in one week. Even told the rodent can start digging right away.

Page: :rainbowhuh:Wait..isnt that where we'll set up farmland?

Starlight: Farming will be easier if the ground is broken beforehand.:scootangel:

Page: You clever unicorn! Putting that rabbit's desire for conquest to good use! We should have done this a while ago!:rainbowlaugh:

*Meanwhile..Angel sneezes several times before returning to lay out the battlefield*

YAY NEW BOOK now I have something to look forward to almost every day

It's baaaack!!!! Hype train!

It says something when I miss seeing you post all of this windy_prance. :twilightsmile:



I agree. It is nice to see you all once again.

Starlight Glimmer: "I have Paperwork for you." :twilightsmile:
Blank Page: "It is treason then..." :trixieshiftright:

Fruit nibbeling Thestrals! Run for your Mangos!!! :raritydespair:

Shield City! Might have better defenses then Canterlot :pinkiegasp:

The Night is beautyful, maybe one night it catches up to Luna ♡

Aww I'm glad to see you guys too~! :ajsmug:

Page returns, huzzah! I'm looking forward to seeing what disaster awaits. :trollestia:

Return of the grammar jackboot (ignoring dialect problems and things people have already brought up):

“”But I want

Double speech marks.



You might want to be more careful about the term 'city'. Nocturnis is at most a small town based on previous descriptions unless there's been a truly huge population boom between stories, and said boom would have had to see a majority non-Thestral population even if every single Thestral has moved in... Unless Equestria has a very specific definition of a city (the place might have been given a charter, for example).


Griffon, in this setting. Good to see the capitalisation of races though, that's something most people forget.

given that theres the trope of "equestria only has around 50million ponies at most" i would assume that what we think of as "a small town" they think of it as a small city. probably.

i mean, it is just a fictional world. definitions can change depending on the context.

Nah, that perspective doesn't impact things much, coming from someone in a country with a similar population. There were stated to be a few hundred or so people in Nocturnis if I recall from the previous story and about five thousand total Thestrals in the country (so probably not that many more in the world total). If we assume every single Thestral migrated to Nocturnis (unlikely to say the least), then that's still not a city by any remotely modern metric.
Only pre-iron age or early medieval cultures would consider that a city unless there was some legal technicality. Considering that Equestria is at absolute lowest a mature industrial (that is to say, 1800s equivalent) culture with significant magitech or at best at an interwar tech level (though bizarrely this particular instance doesn't seem to have even primitive gunpowder weapons, which would be practically mandatory if you have the tech to make plate armour due to the correlation of metallurgy technologies involved), their population would be large enough that I'd expect cities like Manehattan and Canterlot to be over a million strong at least, and probably younger industrial cities would be close or have passed that line too.

Uncle Page will be best Page. I know it in my bones

I remember some great Comments from you guys if i don't mixed you up. Looking forward to this comment section ♡

You can wait that long? The Comment section is half the fun!
PARTY :pinkiehappy:
Geranimo :yay:
Entertainment :coolphoto:
Everything will be juuuuust fiiiinnnneeeeee...
*Murphy laughs in glee*
The every day things that happen in a Jungle:
- To loud lovers in the heat of passion
- Anti magic T-Rex thing messing with shield peripherer
- Train railing maintenance
- Lessons for how to make stupidity survivelable
( Don't shout at Carnivores, don't feed Carnivores by trying to play hero, DON'T STEAL MANGOS! , as well as don't mess with Thestrals with speciest jokes...
I really hope for more Cuddlebug action :pinkiesad2:
Maybe Blank Page nibbeling on a heart shaped Mango?
Love the idea! Hope the Cardbox Mansion is rain proofed...
Don't forget: Murphy causes good and bad...

Growing like a Weed? How is our Full grown Timberwolf Pet of Page? Has he become king of the Dome Shield yet?

Starlight Glimmer and Sunset have found a partner yet?

How is the 'Population of Nocturnis' and how is the population growth? It is the point of founding of the Village that slowly becomes a new City in time.

Naysay still mad how Blank Page totaly trashed him in court?

Can we get some Snuggeling action? How are Canterlot and Nocturnis Snuggelbug populations?

Did Bunny got Fluttershy to get a Coltfriend? Or did Discord and Cadance win the Pot to make it happen

I can see Flurryheart snuggeling a snuggelbug. Cadance might ship it...
Fluttershy and Celestia have not joined the Page Herd yet?
Angel Bunny will be displeased that his 'owner that is actualy his servant with cute fangs' have not started to pop out future FlutterPages for the Bunny Empire populated by Fanged Ponys, to teach the art of ruling the Jungle with a fluffy iron paw!

“Oh just kiss already, you’re not fooling anypony,” Cadence said as she walked past to give Twilight a hug.

What she said :moustache:

When I finally paid attention to the rest of the universe again, everypony else had already disembarked the train and I smiled up at Luna, “You know, at some point we should actually try to do a normal royal welcome.”

Ehh, why be boring :moustache:

I ducked down and caught the little bundle of energy into a hug before she could tackle me off my hooves, “Hi Flurry,” I said with a grin.

Sounds like someone has been tackled off his hooves a couple of times :moustache:

Damn, what do they feed her! I swear, she’s growing like a weed!

Well her mother is the Princess of Food, so I'd imagined... Food :moustache:

I like to think best doggo has adopted some exotic flora that's slowly mutating into other house pets
We need a leopard sized house cat made entirely of strangler vines
...speaking of jungle pets, has anyone adopted a sloth in Nocturnis?

Ah yess. I forgot how nice it is to have a 5 min chapter to read before work in the mornings. Welcome back.

Shining Armor: ...:applejackunsure:

Cadance: ...what? :trixieshiftright:

Shining Armor: :applejackconfused: You seem more calm considering how you were the last visit. I was expecting "No progress detected! Bring me my notes!" but nothing on the train ride here.

Cadance: :ajsmug: Shining. We gave Page and his herd a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle made out of giant rocks. I may be a shipper but even I'm not to going to expect herd progress of any kind when that is in the foreground!

Sunburst: :rainbowderp: Wow. I am impressed at yo--

Cadance: But once this shield is up, I RETURN TO MY CONQUEST FOR GLORY! We will have a new herd member progress for Page by the end of this year! MARK MY WORDS!:pinkiecrazy:

Shining&Sunburst: And there's the ailcorn wife we know and love..:ajbemused::facehoof:

You just dropped the Titel of another great Story:
Mark my Words. :rainbowlaugh:

Interesting to see the visual effect of the dome in action. I'd wondered if it might mess up the sky view.

Grammar jackboot:
Missing word

folding my ears against my head to keep the worst of the metal against metal break sounds as it started to slow down.

folding my ears against my head to keep out the worst of the metal against metal break sounds as it started to slow down.

Cadance misspelled again

I already can see what might happen:
- Flurryheart snuggels some Snuggelbugs
- Flurryheart rides best Timberwolf Pet ever!
- Flurryheart pew pew Uncle Page into submission :yay:
- Cadance raises the Jungle heat, one new love at a time :eeyup:
- Luna get some very fine Page herd action. (Page,Twilight&Sunset) all of them pile up on Luna
Best Royal Sandwitch ever~♡
- Did Chrysalis ever visit? She was invited in the last story!
' A Very Batty Hearth's Warming '

“I know. But I also haven’t seen my brother for a year and a half.”

So about 1.5 years have passed since the last book which would mean it's somewhere around sixth month of a year 1010 (year 1000 being the return of princess Luna and Page coming to Equestria on 1000-05-02).
Page has now been in Equestria for over 10 years.

did.... did she just one day till retirement jinx herself?

Remote locations sure have seriouse problems when supplys are cut. Lessons learned and safety improved makes a lot of difference.

I guess Twilight and Midnight have learned how to make the Shield resistant to magic repelling T-Rex's?

Bed snuggels :yay:
We only miss:
- Snuggelbug action
- Cute Flurryheart or Luna moments
- Bunny or Timberwolf shenanegance
- Fluttershy or Starlight joining Twilight or Midnight action in their Herds :yay:

Within the Jungle there are no easy days. Every day is a adventure.

I wonder if the Shield allows to effect the Rain in Nocturnis? It is a Rain Jungle so some protection from the mercyless Rain would be a blessing...

Has Page teached Flurryheart yet to ride his Timberwolf Pet? Filly has to make some memorable foalhood moments in Nocturnis :yay:

Has Trixie ever visited Starlight Glimmer? Are they even friends in this story?

Has Queen Chrysalis taken the invitation of Page from the last Story yet? :rainbowderp:

Did Sunset Shimmer had a Shopping fate with Page or Luna yet?

Somewhen in the future: :rainbowkiss:
I'm voting for development of airplanes.
A B-17 full of trading goods and/or passangers would be awesome ♡

All piloted by Changlings and powered by love.
Join the Changeling Airline. You know to love it, when you see us coming ♡ camo.fimfiction.net/HGKOVNTrPh_dQIegq-4XQTTfq37sBPSPcGN3_7ZAMFg?url=https%3A%2F%2Fderpicdn.net%2Fimg%2Fview%2F2014%2F7%2F10%2F671941.gif

The Airfield construction might be a bit complicated though... :duck:

I here for officaly ask for the idea of B-17 fortress flying Changelings trough the air. Transporting commodity & other goodys and loved once all over the Equestrian sky.

Changeling airlines! You know to love it, when you see us coming.
- Sponsored by the Princess of food L♡ve cdn-img.fimfiction.net/story/rrjd-1432604776-248417-medium


Captain Fortress to crew: "Incoming Griffon raiders, self powered flight. I don't see planes yet. Give them hell guys! Report in everyling!"

Tail Gunner: "Tail reporting in. Ready to give them none, while taking everything from them."

Belly Gunner: "Belly ready, lets bring down the thunder."

Roof Gunner: "Roof ready and waiting. I like myself a good hailstorm."

Nose Gunner: "Nose here, ready to run.
Navigation here: "The left and right Gunner need a minute, until there ready."

Captain: "Acknowlaged, they have about that mutch time. Tell them both to hurry."

Griffon raiders: "Hey boss, you sure we want to do this? No planes, only on our wing power alone?"

Griffon raiders leader: "This is were the fun begins."

Jeeze. I hadn't realized it had already been so long.

Now I'm imagining all the ersatz solutions they must have come up with.
Speaking of which, Changelings? They'd be flying a Ju88 or He111 probably. :rainbowdetermined2:

No significant grammar jackboots to report, outside of dialect issues.

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