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This story is a sequel to Normal Life

Cause and effect. Opposite and equal reactions. If a butterfly... You know how it goes. The point is that your actions, large or small, have consequences. If they turn out good or bad is often not up to you. Especially when you live with the Princess.

But fear of the consequences is not a reason not to act when you need to.

Next story can be found here: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/361744/secret-of-flying

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Comments ( 1743 )

A new Hiver story! This pleases me.:pinkiehappy:

Always nice to see another one up!

Well this is cool. Can't wait for the next chapter, whenever you update your stories.

the funny thing is i was going to re-read thees stores tomorrow because i was going threw my online bookshelf and thought that the stores deserve a re-read.

I don't mean to be a stickler in your side but,

The Night Terror struggles and growled, hissing and shifting from shape to shape.

The Night Terror struggled and growled, hissing and shifting from shape to shape.

Perhaps it should be the second one?

The happier dream the better as it got a stronger reaction they could feed off.

Hmm, not really sure what to do to this one, but it should be revised to make more sense. Maybe like this:

The happier the dream the better, as it got a stronger reaction they could feed off of.

That was all i could see that would leave others a potential "problem" (not sure what to call it). Although, I really am quite happy that I am able to continue reading your stories. With a fresh one to boot, too!

Story Approver

Somewhat of a cold open without any sense of what is/was going on leading into this, but then again it is also the third story of a series, so it is presumed one will be familiar with the events prior to the dream. Seems a good start, but forgot how short you keep your chapters. I'll probably be going back to reread the first two stories to refresh myself on them as well. Looking forward to seeing what you do though, and more romance with Luna and Blank Page.

Also, should be posted within the hour.

Woohoo! Finally, a third story has arrived!

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Jumping directly into action? I like it!

I was thinking about this series recently. It's good to see it back again!

I am soooo thrilled that his begins again! Can't wait to see what Page does next

Nice to see Blank Page again! Already a new favorite, can't wait to see what you have in wait for us now :twilightsmile:

Nice if short chapter.

...Did you get any sleep?

Silly Page!
You can't do an all-nigther of geeking out studiying with on of those "sleep" you are talking about. It is not compatible.

Well I at least get to read this story chapter to chapter the last two sat in my 'read later' shelf until they were finished and I got to binge read them. But that means I have to wait for updates and when you through us a cliffhanger it will be even worse. Also instant fav and up vote from me.
And I have to remember to create a shelf for this story and it's prequel's to mark them properly.

Oh ya kinda went of on a tangent there great chapter and besides a few grammatical errors here and there It fine. So off to a great start and can't wait for more.
I'll read you later.


“Oh! We need to have a 'gathered all the supplies we need for the adventuring party' party! Of course that's completely different from party where you are being adventurous and it's important you don't mix them up! I'll bring the Mountain Dew and Doritos!” she babbled with a happy grin as she bounced off into the distance, “But what's a Dorito?” she continued to herself.

HAHA lol that was so funny!


Ya I just finished the last chapter then this one appears out of nowhere. Hey I can check that off my list
Finish reading a chapter and then have the next chapter suddenly appear(x).
Also damn you Hiver I'm trying to go to sleep not lose it.
Oh also Going to beed but a chapter appears before going to sleep(x)

Read ya later-BFBL

That was something...we now have the great and random Pinkie Pie!!

The Pink Demon is leaking over from different instances of herself; she might want to keep an eye on that.

I am kinda disapointed you chose to skip over all the travels he did and just go directly to this last visit to the Everfree.

Well that's an interesting chapter and I love it. The only thing is that I wish that these chapters did not cap out at 1000 ish word count oh well
. Hmm I'm glad that he could not cast that spell cause even when Twilight used it she said it was basically a one shot spell at the time. Although he could of just asked Twilght to cast the spell herself as an Alicorn she would have no trouble at all. But I love the ballon idea as well.

Have I said how much I love this series before?

I'll read ya later-BFBL

I looked over at him in surprise. “Balloon?”

It surprises me that everyone seems to forget Twilight has one of those. Considering we see her in it at the beginning of every episode.

Thanks for posting these early, I have to get up early for work and enjoy reading them.

I thought it was a rented balloon. It was in that Spike episode. Then again, the show isn't always internally consistent with small details like that.

Well we have a nice little chapter here. You know you bring up a good point about the castles condition. Nice food for thought.


I always wondered about that, sort of breaking it down, the scene, after the fact.

Can't wait till they are reunited!

Considering his ties to Luna, I have been worried for several chapters since the mention of coming to that castle, and of who might be there...
It would have been nice if the Earth Pony portion of the Mane 6 could have mentioned the Mare of Shadows legend.

Nothing like an inception style face time, the intimacy is far less awkward too.

I am looking for clues as to where we are in the regular timeline, nothing yet I have seen other then I know it's pre-Tirek, which I have been chomping at the bit for since book 1.

Can't wait!

Awe super cute. It just melted my heart. This is just the sort of chapter that is nice to read just before one goes to beed. Just a nice and calm chapter. Aw the perks of dateing a dream walker and being able to walk in dreams your self. Well I'm heading off for the land of dreams to.


Yay I've been waiting for you to post the next story, love your work

Bum chicka wa waaaa

Good story so far, though the foreshadowing is killing me

New class unlocked: Dark Mage! This couldn't possibly have any of those things mentioned in the story title.

Cue foreboding music...

Really Evil, but also fascinating.

This is always how it starts. The Dark Side is alluring and seductive. Page really should have known better; you don't just read the book, the book reads YOU as well.

Be wary, Page; an open mind is like a fortress with its gates unbarred and unguarded. :raritywink:

Well, humans ARE a bit too curious for their own good.

Let us hope that Luna detects that Dark book and does away with it before it can cause Page any harm.

I don't know what bothers me more, the use of the decimeter measurement, or that I converted it to inches in my head.
~8"x8"x4" btw

On the plus side, not all "Dark" Mages and/or Wizards were "evil". Its the majority 98% of them that are massive deushbags. Also those flaying spells are not evil. Just depends on how you use them. Chopped fruit and veg without extra cleanup.

Bright side of life and all that.

I'm not concerned about this dark magic. Having a Dark Magician is important if you want to beat the Blue Eyes White Dragon. :raritywink:

You should never have read that book Page this is going to bite you in the butt. Okay I'm calling it Nightmare...no Night-Stallion Page is going to be a thing.
Also another good chapter can't wait for more.

Read ya later-BFBL

Darth Page achieved

You shouldn't have done that.

Not that I would be sucking the life out of ponies anyway. That was just wrong.

...Speaking of which I better remember to feed my Skitter tomorrow.

Hello Foreshadowing. How are you?

He's begun his journey towards the dark side.

Soon, he'll be taking way too long to release his books, and killing off all his readers' favorite characters.

7296802 Great, he's George R R Martin :rainbowlaugh:

I wonder if he'll stumble on the Plunder Vines before the incident.

"Oh, look, a book about dark magic. Let's try casting one of these spells described in the book. I mean, this is in no way a bad idea." :pinkiecrazy:

"Oh, look, a dud Tallboy bomb from WW2. Let's give it a few good whacks with a sledgehammer. I mean, what's the worst that can happen?" :pinkiecrazy:

7297010 "Oh hey, it's an antimatter containment cell. Let's smash it with a rock."

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