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A writer who enjoys putting a smile on peoples faces. If a story makes you smile, I've done my job. :)


I have some bad news for y'all · 1:05am July 31st

As my title states, I have some bad news. It might be a bit longer before the next Chapter of Aero's Amorous Adventures comes out. For some reason I am just not in a writing mood right now. I'd go as far as to say its akin to writers block, but its not. I know what I want to write the problem is that I just don't want to write right now.

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Nick trick or or treat :rainbowkiss:

Awesome! Yeah, he's a character that is definitely close to home for me. It means a lot that you can relate, too!

I followed because to be honest, I see a lot of myself in Boltsinger. Not to mention that its just a pretty lovable dork of a character. :)

Hey! Thanks for the follow! I hope I can live up to whatever warranted it!

*Rolls out of the bushes and boops you*
You're an awesome pony
*Rolls back into the bush*

  • Viewing 82 - 86 of 86
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What I might be working on next.

This is just a simple list I'll be updating everynow and then.

* A FluterDash Fic.
* A RariSpike Fic.

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