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Jacob Applehoof

Hello everypony,this is your friendly every day earth pony. I run a general store outside of Ponyville's orchards,and ill happily help any pony in need


Part 1 of Trixie's Redemption audio book done · 7:57pm May 22nd, 2013

HERE is the link to part one of a three-part audio book series I am doing. It covers Act 1, chapters 1-7, and is available for download. Please go if you are a fan of my series, or simply have not had time to read it yourself.

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>last online a year ago
so there's still a chance

I'm following you :pinkiecrazy:

Did i hear somewhere there is going to be a sequel to Trixie's redemption? :trollestia:

Hey just wanted to say thanks for the fav! hope I dont disapoint

Hey, what happened to Trixie's Redemption? Are you revamping it or editting it or something?

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