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150 favorites...Are you guys insane or something? · 9:32pm Nov 1st, 2012

So... Here I come, posting the first 3 rewritten chapters of My Little Okama...And before I know it, I'm the 8th featured story, get about 400 views in half an hour and a dozen new favorites...
Seriously, are you guys monitoring me or something?

Moving on... I'm working right now on the next rewritten chapter. Hopefully, I should be able to put everything that had been made previously in only 2 more chapters. And then, on to new contents!

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So, I take it you aren't actually going to do a:

"My Own Little Filly: Parthenogenesis is LOVE!" fanfic.

Thank you for the favorite on Address Unknown! I appreciate your interest very much and hope I can keep you coming back for more! :twilightsmile:

Lieia thanks for the steak. :pinkiehappy:

310941 Thank you, I couldn't find manlier yet heartwarming xD

I just came to say I love your current Avatar 030. :heart:

  • Viewing 49 - 53 of 53
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