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For those who love the pairing and cute antics of fluttershy and pinkie pie.

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Find the organization ...😄

Now I have found how I pair off all the mane six.

370006 I know this is late, but, there is two, going by their other shipname.

379866 It's been over a year since I posted that, and I'm just now seeing a comment reply.:rainbowlaugh:

This seriously can't be the only group dedicated to the shipping. I thought there'd be at least two.

Second favorite FxF ship
Luv et

This ship is so underappreciated.:fluttershysad:

My favorite ship next to TwiDash. Pinkie and Fluttershy are so adorable together lol

there are multiple pairings I like, this is one of them.

Flutterpie is the best shipping.:pinkiehappy::yay:

310969I die almost everytime I see it!:heart:

I hope I posted my story to the right folder. Anyways FlutterPie is a cute ship that really needs more attention. I mean c'mon just look at this.

i find it hard to ship Fluttershy dont get me wrong she would be a good girlfriend it just her personalty is hard to write for sometime in fact flutterpie reminds me of a relationship i had with my girlfriend she was the outgoing one i was the keep to myself one.

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