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We are talking about the most elegant of pairings. This group is for all stories that focus on relationships between Fluttershy and Rarity.

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Oh, er, I'm excited. I'm excited about Season 8 anyway.

This is proof that this ship is true to heart. Hasbro can't deny it!

Woot! 400th member! :yay: I'm glad this has a group :raritystarry:

My two favorite ponies! :yay:


I seem to be 265... XD

Such the coincendence as I just joined right now

I hope people start posting lots of rarishy/flarity soon because they are the only one i ship:applecry:

324990 This is so true. Sadly I find that any "canon" RariShy moments we do get on the show are always overtaken by A RariJack or AppleDash coming to steal the moment. :fluttercry: lol ah well, that is the way of shipping! RariShy shippers, we must rise from the ashes! For a new dawn! For. RARISHYYYY!!!!! :twilightangry2: hehe, me gets too dramatic sometimes! :derpytongue2:

Look at me! I'm number 165, people! One hundred sixty-five! WOOHOO! I'll be signing autographs as 1-6-5 from now on. Let me know. :yay::heart::raritywink:
P.S. I don't really like either of these ponies, but they're so cute. Don't hurt me!

RariShy or Flarity, it is the cutest paring ever.

Yay Flarity!
Love this ship, and one of my stories will have a bit of it.

Flarity is the best pairing ever.

heh nice im number 100

ALL the Flarity!

Yet not enuff.

320399 Not unwritten as there are stories about them... but certainly underrepresented in the fandom.

320361 please do, its an unwritten pairing.

Only 56 stories? I'll have to resolve this.

*typey typey typey*

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