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it has been a while. · 11:32pm Jul 19th, 2017

so freinds its been a few years since i posted anything so screw it, have an update.
short form. horrible expensive and infammitory divorce from an abusive wife. just ffinalized 2 weeks ago. still have some ideas in backlog but they are horribly out of date with where the show is now sadly.
lastly all you crazy ass bronies are still awesome.
read on you crazy diamonds
your resident 40 year old janitor.

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good dark is damned hard to find these days. my pleasure.


And thanks for the follow too! :scootangel:

Damn straight, if you haven't read "what the night remembers" or "merely a mare" you bloody well should.

Welcome to The OctaDerp Fan Club! :twilightsmile:

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