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Abstract Thought featured on Ask Serious Rainbow! · 12:32am Nov 21st, 2013

This was a commission I requested after the blog mod and I got the idea to have my OC interview the eponymous tumblr star. It was pretty pricey, but it was worth it to help a friend.

You can find it here!

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I dunno, putting humans in pony stories tends to be risky at best, plus there are ponies with human-ish names (Donut Joe, Suri Polomare, Coco Pommel, etc.) so she wouldn't have to be human just for the sake of a name. Also, why wait until at least a hundred years in the future for them to be married with a kid? What do you plan to actually happen in the story? Questions like that are important to consider when writing story ideas.

968154 dude, i have like 30 unwritten stories. I'm debating writing something for the writer's write-off on EQD due this evening. I came up with an idea while half asleep this morning that will finally satisfy my desire to ship Twilight and Discord: 100-150 years in the future, Twilight and Discord are married and raising their 8 year old daughter, who is a human, because Discord doesn't give a fuck about how genetics actually work. Honestly, the only reason she is a human is so that the name "Madison" would make sense, so that I can call the story "Maddy's Daddy Discord. :pinkiecrazy:


Sounds good. So what do you plan on writing for your next story?

968143 Thanks. The only reason I did that was because it was a speed writing exercise. Maybe next time I do one of those I'll just have two chapters, the original and the edited version. :twilightblush:

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