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Pony stories that make you laugh until your flank hurts!

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I hope I didn't go overboard with the bunch of stories I added last night. Some of them were my personal favorites ("Pinkie Pi" and "Rainbow Drab" are a couple examples), while others were stories that MUST be there because they're awesome ("Drop of Moonshine", "The Brief Reign of Princess Twily", "Reading Rainbow", etc.).

Well, after nearly a year of writing sad and dark stories featuring ghosts, I have finally written a comedy.
That features ghosts. :rainbowwild:
Sometimes They Come Back To Annoy You tells a tale of what happens when the Mane Six get their tickets punched.
How will Twilight and her friends cope?
How much ectoplasm can the living stomach?
How will Princess Sun-butt solve this problem?
Read to find out.

A Saucy Interaction to help you want to kill yourself...

since my fic The Princess and the Foals in is this group (plus i do enjoy a good comedy fic), i decided to join.

Can a story with subtle humour count? Full comedy is very delicate.

check out Club Scene
the synopsis says it all
"Sometimes getting drunk IS the answer"

I have finally gone back to my roots and started writing comedy again! Check out my new story CAPS LOCK.

It's sure to make you laugh, no matter how immature or lowbrow the jokes are.

Ever wanted to see Pinkie Pie confront the inevitable death of all things?

Even if the answer is no, check out The Party Is Over anyways, because it's lolzy.

I don't think there is any better group to advertise in.

Quite a few of you enjoyed Ethanol, Equines and Estrogen. Her sequel, Alcohol, Alicorns and Airships is up!

I write to make people laugh, and you people like watching our favorite fluffy fillies curse, fondle up, and drink each other raw, in addition to a lot of rum.

How dare you all lack morality.

Equestria: A History Revealed

It's written in-character in the style of an essay, and some hilariously ridiculous theories on Equestrian history are made by its arrogant, conspiracy-obsessed, racist author. Quoting a pop-up book? Alien sex orgies? How Hearth's and Hooves Day really happened? It's all in here.

Hello, guys. I'm Noah from the writing trio Antisocial Industries. I have lots of free time because I have no life, and I decided to write this post. If any of you are having issues coming up with comedy, please feel free to message me for some help. Or just to tell me about your comedy. I like reading other peoples ideas.

Hey guys, chelis here

now i know when Flash Sentry made his bradical debut many of the community went up in arms in defense of their waifu, so i decided to make a ship(ish) fic anyway!

come check out "The Bradical Adventures of Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry"

Ah comedy, truly an underrated tool. In the right hands it can be very useful at producing a laugh, alas so many shows today put only what they think is funny and not what actually is funny.

Okay, I joined this group. Now let's get some story into it! :yay:

I'll just put this saucy motherbucker of mine here, (be warned, this one's a tad rude)

Seriously, there are not enough comedy groups, I will be frequenting this place like an alcoholic to a liquor store. :pinkiehappy:

How does one add a story to this group? Should I just paste the link here or send a pm?

Ummm... along the same line as XXX, only more random could I possibly, um, self pro-mote my own fic
"And Then Rainbow Dash Was a Colt," and Ten Other Really Awkward Stories.

If that's ok I mean:fluttershyouch:

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