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*Stories should be submitted to all relevant genre folders and any relevant ratings folders (see below for folder explanations)
~ Adding a story to folders it does not belong in will result in the story being removed from those folders and the user responsible will be issued ONE warning (NOTE: This warning will be issued to the user who added the story rather than the writer, provided they are different). Breaking the rules again will result in being banned from the group.
+If you accidentally add a story to the wrong folder, please remove it (by clicking the little trashcan in the top right corner for the story in the folder) and PM an admin. Accidents happen and won’t result in a warning. Repeated add/removes will be considered spamming.

*Stories that contain more than one chapter may only be allowed if each chapter counts as a one-shot. They must be submitted to the Anthologies/Collections folder.
~ An exception to this rule would be Author's Notes chapters, seeing that they do not count as part of the story.
+ Just note that Prologues and Epilogues do count as story chapters and so, stories containing them will not be accepted, no matter how short they are.

*Thread spamming, attacking other users, or posting NSFW images in the forum (NOTE: sometimes more adult conversations come up and folks want to talk about such things. That’s fine. However, NSFW images, either posted or linked, are not allowed in forum threads per site rules) will result in threads/comments being deleted. Repeated violations will result in ONE warning, additional violations will result in banning.

Folder Guidelines:

*Stories should be added to every relevant fimfction genre tag folder

*Stories tagged Gore should be added to the Gore folder, stories rated Mature and tagged Sex should be added to the Clop folder

*Stories should be added to any fiction genre folder that is appropriate

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If I ever write a one-shot, I shall be surprised. Happy to be here, and read lots of cliffhangers!

i started on my very first story and i'm coming along very slowly :fluttershysad:, do you know some people/ponies that could help me out.

it's about a aspiring young dark mage that wants to do good WITH the darkness, but he is limited to what he can learn because of all the hate and ridicule he gets from everyone, and i need help filling in the finer points

yours truly

Hey, I have an idea for a story so I'm throwing this out here. It's a crack story, a human cursed to always respawn in a new body, as well as bending fate/chance/reality to make even the smallest dangers lethal. He just goes around dying everywhere, a "serial suicide" thing that goes from traumatic panic to "Oh, he's dead again, get the cremation spells." At one point he gets banished to the moon and spells out a big "F U LUNA" with corpses visible from Equis before she gives up in order to prevent him further defacing it. A bit of dark cracky fun.
Thing is, I'm not a good enough writer to do it. So here's the idea, if anyone wants to take a stab at it. Cheers!

Hello everypony, I just joined this group. Glad to be here!

While I'm mainly one for multiple chapters, I don't mind making some one-shots here and there:ajsmug:. So I'll join:twilightsmile:. I haven't really gotten to that point, especially since I'm still writing the first story for a series that I'm creating. but I'll get there soon enough:raritywink:.

Thank-you for this group, its always nice to read a couple One-Shots before bed.

I never knew this group existed, so I joined and posted my one-shots here. Some of them have a Bonus chapter added due to popular demand, so it is still considered a one-shot.

I have a story that's a collection of one-shots pertaining to one pairing. Is that good to add in this group?

I'm here to post what I call "Crap" just like everyone else! :pinkiehappy:

I love One-Shots!

I have arrived!
Tremble before my only one-shot, mortals! Tremble! Or, you know, at least pretend you care...

I just finished my latest story last night. It consists of two one-shots, so do I add it to the anthologies folder? And then from there do I add it to the folders with the appropriate tags? Any advice would be appreciated!

I enjoy writing one shots! Added a couple, with more coming, don't want to spam :twilightsmile: Plus great to be here!

Thank you guys for having me! I hope I make a good contribution with my funny, sad, and just completely random one-shots :pinkiehappy:

Lol. My One-shots and future one-shots might not be delicious, but I am sure they are good tho. :scootangel: :heart:

I added two of my one-shots; hope they make a good addition!:scootangel:

Ooh, a place for my crap underappreciated one-shots to call home? Sign me up! :pinkiehappy:

Oh boy, another place to hawk my crap. May the fun begin or something.

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