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Ah. Well, I thank you for your response. While I can't deny that my heart is broken at the prospect of Wildcards getting no rewrite, I completely understand the reasoning behind it. I just want to thank you for your amazing works regardless, and don't'cha worry, I'll be sure to follow this 'cultivation' project of yours. Sounds really interesting, and knowing where your talent at writing was at back in 2016, I can only guess at the quality of the thing when it'll be ready! :D

Oh wow. This notification was a wild nostalgia ride.

I'm honestly surprised someone remembers Wild Cards/Rose Of Chance, nevermind still hopes for the rewrite...

I got a few pages into it before some personal stuff derailed that particular intention... for 4 years...

Sometime last year, I got back into fandom stuff and publishing my creative output on the internet through media analysis on YouTube and visual art on Twitter, as well as stuff on some short story collections, but I hadn't gotten back to fanfiction in particular till this month.

I'm now working on a multimedia (fic, art, loredumps, and music all by me) Zootopia project called Silent Cultivation over on Ao3/Offprint/Tumblr so that's a thing. It'll probably be my main creative focus for most of this year.

Now that I'm back, I'm not so sure about actually rewriting the planned 100,000+ words of Wild Card, but I might actually post a few short stories featuring Royal, Blind, and Bonfire (I don't think I ever even got around to publishing the chapters where they show up...) if the fancy hits me/as warmup for Cultivation.

So yeah! That's... wow. Thanks for the memory rush. :twilightsmile:

So, uh, yeah, I really don't want to come across as pushy or anything, buuuuuuut...

How about that rewrite of Fallout Equestria: Wild Card, eh? It had been promised more than 4 years ago, but I can't help but notice a distinct lack of notifications in my inbox. Now, I've held onto hope for all this time that I may perhaps be able to read more of your magnificent stories, but I think I may be slowly starting to loose hope here.

Just a bit tho, I mean I think I may have another 4 or 5 years of that stuff stored in me, so it's not that big of a deal.

Seriously now though, Is there still any chance for that rewrite?

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