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Cut off one fandom, two more shall grow in it's place.


N.E.R.D a super secret group that isn't a secret at all and probably has it's own office building with Taco Tuesdays is a organization founded by me...Jidbrony. N.E.R.D is a group dedicated to the discussion and fondness for nerdy things. Topics such as, will Spider Man make more money than guardians of the galaxy or is Grant Morrison the greatest comic writer of our time and of course classics like who's doing it better, D.C or MARVEL. To be a part of N.E.R.D is to be apart of a great intellectual philosophical discussion a whole range of topics and issues. Are you ready to be a Agent of N.E.R.D?

Star Wars Division-N/A
Comic Book Division-Lunar Dovahkiin
-Sub Division Spiderman: Chief Spiderman Expert: VampDash
Doctor Who Division-Valeyard Morgan Freeman
Anime Division-Dark Pony D
80's Cartoon Division PrincessLenaLadyKittuna
Head of the Anti Bullying Division & Head of Niche JRPGS Kirito-SFF
Official Welcomer -Agent Phil Coulson.

These positions will be filled by those who prove their Nerd credentials

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Eh. Why not? Seems fun.

Hello Gears! *beams* good to see you!

I don't know why I was invited, or if I deserve an invitation, but I will prove myself.


*salutes* Head of 80's Cartoon Division Reporting for Duty, Sir!

I am here! And I posted Hell Notes! :trollestia:

Hello there! Thanks for the invitation. May I ask how I become the head of a division?

Um... thanks for the invitation? That I have no idea why I got? But I like it! :D



Is there gonna be a Star Trek division, eh?

I'm no expert, I'm still watching all the shows myself, but I could help with it if needed, eh.


397871 Your welcome Agent.

It's awesome to be here. Thanks for the invite :)

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