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Derec mc coy 2

your faithfull Jackass has a back up account. Ill be here , just to pint out that I moved.Click this link to go to my old account

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When internet goes down

some words

I do not owe you anything.
I regret NOTHING

I will insult you, I will be lazy.

my school takes TOP priority.

I'm a jackass.

theres, that's the list I can guaranty.

I used to help everyone. I used to help as much as I can. but, those days are over. if you have a problem yo want to talk about, okay, but don't be surprised if I'm not much of a help. okay?

I'm always up for a talk when I'm online...

euh.... I should say more ....


damn, I forgot...

oh, right. if I insult you, and you feel hurt because of me, tell me. I do say I hate everyone, but I don't really mean it like 'deep hate, I wanna shoot you'... deep down, I care about you. I just don't like showing it.

link to stuff I need to dig in

don't mind this box... it's personal use for student loans, and possible appartments I can rent...

studio Lille

second studio


seriously, this is just a back-up, in case I lose the links

Season six
A Discovery Communications article about Discovery Family's 2015-16 upfront season mentions "My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Season 6" as part of its daytime programming lineup. Jim Miller stated in a Twitter reply regarding this on March 31, 2015, "I think that's a typo." Hours later, "#MLPseason6" was tweeted by both Meghan McCarthy and Michael Vogel, and both "Don't believe it. #MLPseason6 #conspiracy" and "Believe? #MLPSeason6 pic.twitter.com/GcHUkEjPHu" were tweeted by Josh Haber. Miller later confirmed the announcement to be true on Twitter. On September 19, 2015, Miller confirmed via Twitter that there will be 26 episodes for this season.

The Movie
MLP The Movie promotional logo

On October 20, 2014, Hasbro and AllSpark Pictures announced a feature-length My Little Pony film slated for a theatrical release sometime in 2017. Joe Ballarini (Ice Age: Continental Drift) was originally announced to be writing the script. Meghan McCarthy will write and act as co-executive producer. At the 2015 PonyCon in Australia, it was originally announced by Meghan McCarthy that the film is scheduled for a March 2017 release. On November 17, 2015, Hasbro announced via Twitter that the film would actually be released on November 3, 2017.

my bio

20 year old
Birthday: fourth of August. 1996.

I am Belgian, but we recently moved to Hungary for business

Days I'm soberLink

I am an IFSP person kinda introvett?
so.... and bi. Maybe gay. ... oh, and according to the internet, I'm depressed, extremely paranoid, shizopath and borderline ....or crazy XD
Please, don't blindly trust the internet


From 2016 to 2020 · 9:05pm March 15th

It's been a while since I wrote one of these

Basically, I'm writing this to suppress the blog from 2016. Gosh I was cringy when I was a teen.

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2445731 it's hot in the summer, cool in the spring and fuckin cold in winter, overall its a well balanced state!

2445598 Kentucky, huh? Is it nice?

2445585 Easton, Pennsylvania, but we moved to Yuma, Arizona when I was like 2, and we moved to Russell Springs, Kentucky in December of 2013.

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