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friends 'nd stuff

That's our name.
helping people is our fame.

Life is hard, and you might be alone.
but now, you don't have to face it by your own anymore.
YES, it's true. we're here to help you.
to stand by eachother.
tell us how you feel, and we will help you as much as we can.

problems, or questions? ask me Derec mc coy
Ninja No Theme

second in command
Eternal Shadows

The meaning of this group is that we all stand together, and help those who need our support. so DON'T BE AN A**HOLE AND TROLL PEOPLE! we're here to help.

or, if you just want to make people smile. you're welcome too.


and last but definatly not least, check out The Forgotter Library. A place dedecated for all the forgoten groups, stories and everything.

and Happiness Society a simular group XD

credits: TheSakrament666, for the awesome banner

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387604 I'll do the same. what is your group?

387603 You are quite welcome.
It may not be the bigest or most popular of the groups, but it is at least one more link in the right direction.

387602 that'd be great. thank you so much

387600 hmm, Promotion.

I may have an idea for fairly easy promotion.(I just put up the link on a group of mine)

I like to connect nice and friendly places.

387599 sure. but as I said. I'm running on very little if time. I need someone to promote this group and actually do something for this. because I have no time

385173 Spreading hapiness sounds like fun, but take the time to invite Pinkie Pie, the pink mare too?

385171 yay. Spread the happiness

385163 cool. You're an admin now

385161 yeah? cool. so, you're in?

Okay, sounds good.

385101 well, we have a weekly blog post about friendship, and we also need more members.... and also to make new folders,... help people in need.... you know... we're here as a team. just help...

So, what do you want me to do as an administrator?

384969 I'm certain he'll appreciate it. :pinkiehappy:

384958 oh, okay. I'm his friend now

384919 Ninja No Theme it loooks like you already commented on his user page.

384424 good. what is his/her name? than I can show him around, and be a friend.:pinkiehappy:

384610 smile is good. smile Is great!!! that's why we're here.

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