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Drawing equines. Check out my art on my Twitter account

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Commission Status: OPEN


Seymour Destruction, ancient Japan commission: [COMPLETED]

Sparro_34, cover art commission:

Doomrider, profile pic commission:

Art Commissions! [OPEN]

Hi! I'm quite experienced in drawing art for the many wonderful authors of this site. It's always great fun to provide people with quality drawings.

Interested in a commission? Feel free to PM me whenever you like. I don't bite!

Examples of my work:

My Twitter account: LINK

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Thanks for showing interest in my work! Due to the fluidity of my prices (they change often), I don't have a price catalogue.

My commissioners just tell me what they want and I price accordingly. We can modify the original vision of the piece if the price is too high or low.

Feel free to send me a PM and we can get down to business. Keep in mind I have a commission I'm currently busy drawing right now, but you'd be first in line after the other commissioner.

Looking forward to working with you!

Time is money and I respect that. You do good work and I might want to commission some work. DM me your full price catalog. I am not blowing smoke I have money.

Hell first commission would be a ponified version of my profile picture. I'm scared of heights but I like going fast so I always envisioned my Pony version being a Pegasus

The base price for a fully shaded pony would be around 75 dollars. Keep in mind that this price may change depending on the complexity of the pose and expression. Background prices depend on the background.

What are your commission rates? Try as I might I can't find them anywhere.

PS. you're a fantastic artist don't let anybody ever tell you otherwise!

  • Viewing 208 - 212 of 212
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