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Jumping Jack

A single guy who loves to play video games, reads and writes stories about colorful ponies. Currently working on Project Apocalyptica and is in need of help editing for upcoming chapters.

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As a writer, I have come to know what is the ups and downs of story telling. As literature being a personal favorite of mine (other than a side hobby of videogames), I enjoy all forms of writing. Be it Action, Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Slice of Life, Erotic and Long Written stories.

My usual stats for typing and writing is pretty much the standard. I can type 70 words per minute (if I know what I am typing out) and I prefer to like my stories lengthy and also short. (About 5k -10k words). Of course, this doesn't mean I can't enjoy a good short story or two.

As my story telling itself, I usually type around 7k-10k words per chapter. I know that most people do not have time to read a story with such length (let alone some people turned off by editing because they are more preoccupied with other things). Which leads me to being my own writer, editor and proof reader. (In some rare cases, I can be so overwhelmed with it that I end up getting distracted or use a lot of strange grammar placements).

I try my best to make my stories as gripping but simple. I don't expect much out of it other than I just want people to enjoy the things I write. Speaking of, I would also gladly appreciate any criticism on any of my published stories so that way I can make something even better under the same genre.


Of course, no writer is without inspirations. Spending time with literature and its' stories, I find myself immersed into the worlds people have created. I even sometimes picture myself interacting with some of the characters (which is strange, I know, but it also helps me when I do my own character interactions). I derive a lot of my inspirations from games, movies, books and life. Music is also a good form of inspiration, as I feel it helps me to get a good feel as to what tone I want with the story or in some sequences that involve a change of tone.

I have an up and coming project that I have had created years before I knew MLP:FiM existed. I originally posted on the site fanfic.net (under the pen name skyy1865) under a different show that I enjoy (The Amazing World of Gumball). And yet, I have found myself busy with life and its' struggles that I found myself deriving away from the site and leaving a saga I was currently writing unfinished (before anyone asks, no I am not going to go back and finish it. I had developed a writers block on it and have not found any means of inspirations to go back into it.)

This project was also designated towards TAWoG, but I have found myself not enjoying the time I was in at the moment of brainstorming. However, that didn't mean that I didn't want to keep this under lock and key. Eventually, after a year has went by, I found myself enjoying the world that is MLP:FiM. It wasn't until later that I considered myself a "closet brony".

Yet, despite my uneasiness telling my friends in school about me liking the show, I spent every minute browsing the web and finding info on what I could about the show. It eventually led me to this very site. Seeing the fandom expand into their own story telling of the shows universe, I couldn't help but feel envious of the people that were constantly writing away about colorful ponies that was created by the one (and my childhood cartoon creator apparently) Lauren Faust.

I didn't officially start a page on this site as I felt that I wouldn't bother doing anything with it. Then, I found Fallout Equestria. reading the story, I found the spark that I needed to unlock that idea. After the original, I found Project Horizons (and it did a good job of giving me mixed emotions). But with these two stories, I found myself easing into the fandom and eventually writing my own fics again. The first ever finished MLP fic was the side fandom of Fallout Equestria (Dubbed Fallout Equestria: Lineage) and after words I just wanted to keep writing.

To those that have come from reading Lineage (out of your own curiosity) know that I have developed a writers block for three years on the fic. It was only recently that I had finished it and published it. After that, the spark continued to ignite.

And with it fully planted in my mind, I am finally able to bring the idea I had four years ago into a new universe. MLP:FiM is my go to universe for this idea and I plan on seeing it through its' ups and downs. Project Apocalyptica will be a fic I hope that is unique and gripping, but simple and relatable.

I am done ranting and moping now. I have a concept to finish and edit before I can even start to publish it, but expect Project Apocalyptica to be around the corner very soon.

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You make such good stories.

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