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Silver Chord

"I can't lose faith in the world just yet. If I do, I'll lose faith in myself."

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Welcome to my home! Please, come in!

This is my page! Make yourself comfortable! Grab a book from my shelves if you wish to hang around, or we can have a conversation as intellectuals or even friends! Here in my abode, you are always welcome. If you need my assistance, I will be there to provide it whenever I can. So, sit down! Don't be a stranger! We're all friends here!

(Some music to make you feel comfortable. :twilightsmile: ... That sounded really creepy...)

There'll be a small section about me soon, but I'm still compiling all the information that I think you may want to know. If there's a very specific thing that you would like to know about me, then just ask!

Don't forget...

Paris Terror Attack

Attack on the Twin Towers

Some really awesome stories by some really awesome people! :)


"A Love for Music" Update (2-June-2017) | WEEKLY UPDATE · 1:47pm Jun 2nd, 2017

Hey guys!

What's up? This is Silver Chord of The Adventure Crew with a Weekly Update. (Yeah, y'all thought I would forget again, didn't ya?) This update focuses more on one story, and that would be A Love for Music.

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Hey, I miss ya! D:

2446391 Oh, it would be Italy. Most definitely. I have family I would like to meet in the old family villa(s).

2397304 If you wanted to, what country (outside of the U. S.) would you most want travel towards and why?

Your page is nice, have a follow ;P

Hello, Silver Cord! Got a few minutes to answer a fun little survey? If so, great! :twilightsmile: I have two questions I'd like you to answer.

Question 1:

Imagine that you have come in contact with a radioactive rock and you gain a super power. Unfortunately, the super power doesn't work the way you thought and therefore is a bit of a disappointment. Which one of these wonky super powers would you rather be stuck with?
- The ability to turn invisible, but only for 10 seconds at a time
- The ability to fly like Superman, but only 2 feet off the ground
- X-ray vison, but you can't turn it off
- The ability to read minds, but you must shout every thought you read out loud
- The ability to transform into a beast or monster, but you lose your clothes when you transform (meaning you will be nude when you turn back into a human)
- Super speed, but you become extremely exhausted and are almost guaranteed to vomit after every use

Then, explain why you picked your disappointing super power.

Question 2:

How many licks do you think it would take for you to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? (Please don't say "three." I'm looking for your answer, not Mr. Owl's!)

  • Viewing 571 - 575 of 575
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