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"How many people are trapped within their everyday habits: part numb, part frightened, part indifferent? To have a better life we must keep choosing how we are living."


Before Sombra became a tyrant, when he was a young foal, he was bright, cheerful, and very playful. The only sad thing was that he had very little friends. But one day when he is roaming about freely, he accidentally runs into a young alicorn, and a beautiful friendship begins to bloom.

This is my entry for the EverfreeNorthwest 2015 Pre-Con Competition. It was something last minute that I had to put together since my original story got deleted. :ajbemused:

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What a shame that you were force to write this in only a day. If you had the time to expand upon this, I would have loved to see where that friendship would take the two.

I am contemplating whether to make this a longer fanfic, 'cause I also want to see where this friendship goes.

Hey everypony, Silver Chord here.

Look, I want to be honest. I never thought that my story would make it this far in the EFNW Contest, let alone being where it is now... But I never knew that it would make it to be a Community Choice entry. I want to thank you guys very much for making this possible, because this story was nothing special. Please make sure to check out all the other entries and support them. My story is Entry 28. Again, thanks for everything, everypony!

Adorable idea! It is waaay too short, though. This seems like chapter one of something. A good AU fic (since Fiendship is Magic, the comic miniseries, has given Sombra his own canon), and maybe something worth watching in the future. Good luck in the contest!

5882469 Thank you very much! I'm actually thinking of continuing this story and somehow tying it to the events in FiM. While it would be a good AU, I would rather like to give the readers a sense of wonder and confusion behind the story of Sombra and Luna. Hopefully, I will be able to create an amazing fanfiction out of this odd tale.

nice little story, but far too short. I would like to seen how sobra turned bad. But a nice little read, nonetheless!


Reasoning behind the length was due to the maximum word count implemented by the contest runners for the EFNW Writing Competition. After it was published, never really wanted to look at it again, but I think I might consider re-writing or updating it. We’ll see.

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