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Wolfram Alpha

I'm eccentricity at its finest.

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The Three Sides Of Wolfram Alpha

The Good Side:

The Bad Side:
Easily Distracted

*The Ugly Side:
Boiling Anger

*Should this side of Wolfram occur, run fast, and run far.

The Rules of Wolfram Alpha

1. Do not touch Wolfram's hair

2. Do not scare Wolfram

3. Do not disturb a sleeping Wolfram

4. Do not, under any circumstance, frighten a sleeping Wolfram awake by touching its hair.

5. Do not break all these rules simultaneously.

These rules are made for your safety. Failure to uphold these rules may result in harm/injury/death/grotesque maiming. Do not, under any circumstance, challenge the authority of these rules. Do not ask about relevance/origin/usefulness of these rules.

Should you break these rules, these suggestions may help you avoid harm/injury/death/grotesque maiming. Note:

1. Run for your life
2. Call for help
3. Run for your life while calling for help*
4. Fight**


**(Highly unadvised. Wolfram's morals and sense of right and wrong are blurred if he feels like he has had enough. Expect a few bruises, as Wolfram does not back down from any fight, even against those with a clear advantage over him.)

Exceptions to these rules are authoritative figures and family members

All rights reseved

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I like your taste in avatar.

Doesn't help that I'm Asian. Imagine my surprise when I figured that out of the many names I could have picked to use, I chose the one that does math for a living.

It just screams stereotypes.

~ Wolfram Alpha

Oh look, a computation engine.

Hey, thanks for adding Outta My Mind to your favorites! :rainbowkiss:

Glad to see it on one of your page additions here, thanks!

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